Is Ryvita Healthy? How Many Calories Does It Have?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have


The Ryvita Diet, also known as the Ryvita Bikini Fit Challenge, is a two-week weight loss program created by dietitian Jennie Cockroft for the Ryvita company. 

The diet includes two meals daily (breakfast and lunch) consisting of two Ryvita Crispbread crackers with recommended toppings and a typical healthy dinner from a list of suggested dishes. 

The diet also allows for 100-calorie snacks during midday and midafternoon. So, is Ryvita healthy? This guide has compiled everything you need to know about Ryvita, so keep reading to stay in the know.

What is Ryvita?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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The Ryvita Company (established by John Edwin Garrat in 1926) produced Ryvita, a crispbread made with rye. It is now a division of Associated British Foods, which combined Jordans and Ryvita. Ryvita has a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II.

You probably aren’t surprised to learn that they are crackers, but do you know what exactly goes into making them?

A grain called rye holds the key. While it resembles grass as it is growing, this plant belongs to the wheat family. Ryvita’s rich brown colour comes because rye is darker than wheat.

Wheat and rye are closely related; however, when compared, rye digests more slowly in the body, which results in a slower insulin release and a longer duration of feeling fullness than a wheat cracker of the same size.

The original Ryvita cracker, now conveniently called The Original, contains just salt as an additive. This dish consistently rates highly on the “is it healthy?” meter because it has few ingredients.

Although we should restrict our salt intake, two crackers only contain 58 mg of sodium, less than the daily maximum of 2400g. Also free of saturated fat is Ryvita.

Ryvita has proved to be healthy so far. So let’s examine some more focused questions.

How Many Calories Are In Ryvita?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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It is natural to wonder about the calorie count of Ryvita, significantly since it is associated with weight loss in the UK. It is worth noting that two Ryvita Original Rye crackers, which weigh 20 g in total, contain 68 calories each.

Many individuals add toppings to their Ryvita before consuming it, which increases its calorie content. For example, one spoonful of butter on a Ryvita adds 68 calories, while a teaspoon of peanut butter adds 100 calories. Additionally, a Ryvita with 25g of cheese contains 135 calories, and one with a teaspoon of mayonnaise has 65 calories.

If you’re concerned about your calorie intake and wondering if Ryvita benefits weight loss, the answer is yes, as long as you avoid adding high-fat, high-sugar, or high-calorie toppings.

What About Points and Syns?

The Original Ryvita has one Weight Watchers Smart PointTM, and if you’re following another kind of weight-reduction plan, this could be more significant than calories.

If you don’t have access to the online calculator provided by your group, then assuming that one Slimming World Syn = 20 calories, there are 1.5 Slimming World SynsTM in a Ryvita. 

This is the only way to determine the exact number of Slimming World Syns in a product. This also applies if you calculate a Syn using the second advised method, dividing the sum of the fat and carbohydrate contents by three.

Is Ryvita a High-Fibre Food?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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Wholegrain rye flour is used in Ryvita. It indicates that the grain is utilised entirely rather than the fibre-rich outer husk being removed.

Ryvita exceeds the 6g of fibre per 100g of food requirement set out by the British Dietetic Association with 15.2g of fibre per 100g in the Original Variation (and a little more in certain other varieties); thus, you can categorise Ryvita as a high fibre food without a doubt.

Although most of us will consume less than 100g of Ryvita (equivalent to 10 slices; one serving is two slices), remember that each slice has 1.5g of fibre, and you need roughly 30g of fibre each day for daily health. Hence, one serving of Ryvita will fulfil one-tenth of your daily fibre requirements.

Is Ryvita Gluten-Free?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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No, rye contains gluten because it is a part of the wheat family, making it inappropriate for anybody following a gluten-free diet.

Rye is not wheat, though, so you may consume it if you have concerns with wheat instead of gluten. Ryvita does mention that a plant where their product is produced also produces wheat goods.

Ryvita is also devoid of dairy.

Is Ryvita Low-Carb?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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Original Ryvita contains only one gram of protein per slice, while the remaining 6.6 grams of each slice’s calories come from carbohydrates.

Despite this, Ryvita has fewer carbohydrates than a slice of bread, as rye bread contains 15g of carbohydrates. Therefore, substituting bread with Ryvita can reduce your carbohydrate intake. 

Moreover, a small amount of Ryvita can fit into a low-carb diet, as one slice contains only 5.1g of net carbohydrates.

It is worth noting that some of the newer Ryvita varieties have a higher protein content, as can be seen below.

Is Ryvita Satiating?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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Any high-fibre item can fill you up, but because carb-based foods tend to have a higher GI rating, it’s crucial to consider that when deciding whether or not to eat them.

The glycemic index, or GI for short, assesses how quickly a food converts to sugar in the body compared to regular table sugar; the lower the value, the better.

Ryvita has a moderate GI of 64, making it a food. Although you don’t often have Ryvita by itself, you might reduce the GI of the meal by including a little fat or protein, which will further slow down how quickly it is absorbed.

Some of the more recent Ryvita kinds also contain seeds, which naturally provide additional fats and protein and slow the rate at which they transform into sugar. Nevertheless, remember that they will also have a few more calories.

The Verdict: Is Ryvita Healthy?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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Considering everything said above, it is clear that Ryvita is healthy; thus, you might be questioning.

Should You Swap Bread for Ryvita?

It will assist with calorie reduction. A slice of regular brown bread has about 90 calories, while white bread has about 67 calories. You can eat two Original Ryvita for the same amount of calories, which will likely be physically and mentally more full than the white bread.

It will also have more fibre than white bread because a piece of this bread only has 0.6g of fibre.

It’s also crucial to maintain the most variety in your diet. We should consume at least forty different plant-based meals each week; yes, foods derived from grains qualify as plant-based. As a result, it’s not a good idea to rely your whole diet on one product, even one as healthy as Ryvita.

You can combine Ryvita and other wholemeal bread and cracker varieties.

Are Ryvita and Rye Crispbreads the Same Thing?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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Ryvita is a brand name for a type of crispbread made from rye. Similar products are available under names like rye crispbreads, rye crackers, and rye crisps. 

Ryvita themselves describe their product as “Crispy Rye Breads.” While these products may not be the same, they can be nutritious if made with wholegrain rye and only one or two other ingredients. However, the ones shown above may be different from Ryvita.

Whole grain flour-based wholewheat crackers are also a healthy option. Less healthy crackers do not contain whole grain flour or use vegetable or palm oil, which increases calorie and fat consumption.

In general, paying attention to the ingredients and nutrition information when choosing crackers is essential. Opting for wholegrain flour-based options and avoiding those with added oils and fats can help make a healthier choice. While products may have different brand names, looking for similar ingredients and nutrition information can help make an informed decision.

Which Ryvita is Healthiest?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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Several varieties of Ryvita crispbreads are now available in the UK, but not all varieties may be available in other countries. 

If you need help deciding which one, the Sweet Onion variety pairs perfectly with hummus. However, regarding health, it’s essential to consider nutritional information. The Dark Rye variety contains the fewest calories, with only 34 calories per slice.

If you’re looking for a slightly higher calorie option, the Pumpkin Seed and Oat variety has 45 calories per slice. For those with a sweet tooth, the Fruit Crunch with Currant, Seed, and Oat variety also has 45 calories per slice. It’s important to note that while these varieties may have slightly different calorie counts, they are still relatively healthy options compared to other crackers and snacks.

The Pumpkin Seed & Oat boasts 2.1g of fibre per slice, making it the highest in fibre. Nonetheless, all of the types are high in fibre.

There is a tie for the highest in protein! The rye flour has been given a pea protein boost as part of the new Protein enhanced range, and the Chia Seed Quinoa, Red Quinoa, and Chestnut now have 2.2g of protein, twice the amount found in the Original Rye.

The Flaxseed and Buckwheat variant has the highest fat (0.4g); however, since this fat is derived from chia seeds, it is mainly good unsaturated fat, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Two of the protein-boosted items are among The Lowest in Carbs. Only 5g of carbohydrates per slice are included in the Red Quinoa and Chestnut or the Linseed and Cardamom Seed varieties, as opposed to 6.7g in The Original.

How Many Ryvita For Lunch?

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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While Ryvita is a healthy snack option, you may wonder how many crackers to eat at once. A standard serving size is two crackers, but if you’re using them for lunch, you may need to increase the portion size or pair them with something else. Public Health England recommends a 600-calorie lunch, so you may need to add more crackers or serve them alongside other nutritious options.

If you add toppings to your crackers, adding 50-100 calories worth of topping to each cracker would mean you need 4-5 crackers for your lunch. Adding a large salad on top of that would make for a healthy and filling meal.

Another option is serving 3-4 crackers with toppings and homemade vegetable soup. It’s worth noting that commercial soups can be high in salt, so making your soup can help you control the amount of salt in your meal.

If you’re watching your weight, reduce that number a little. For example, if you consume 1400 calories daily, you should aim for 400 calories for lunch, which you might get from 2-3 crackers and a salad.

Eating a Ryvita-based lunch, you’ll often have 2-3 topped crackers with some olives, cherry tomatoes, or crisp carrot sticks on the side. Make sure the topping is high-calorie to help keep you satiated.

10 Interesting & Healthy Toppings for Ryvita

Is Ryvita Healthy How Many Calories Does It Have

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Ryvita is a popular snack that you can enjoy without any toppings. However, you can use many savoury and sweet toppings if you want creative ways to enhance their flavour. 

These toppings can include fruit, herbs, spices, sauces, and unique flavour combinations. Limiting the number of toppings to 1-2 crackers is recommended to avoid overcrowding.

You can experiment with different flavours and textures to create unique combinations. Some popular toppings, such as meats, cheeses, and vegetables, are traditionally used in sandwiches. However, crackers cannot be compressed like bread rolls.

Ryvita can be topped with fruits and other sweet toppings for those who prefer a sweet treat. This makes it an excellent option for a nutritious afternoon snack. Some interesting ideas for sweet Ryvita toppings include fresh fruits, nut butter, honey, and chocolate. 

When creating sweet toppings, it is best to limit the number of toppings to 1-2 crackers to avoid making them too heavy or difficult to eat.

Here are ten unique and nutritious toppings to think about:

1. Crab sticks and Apple

You can combine crab sticks or tiny cooked prawns with a teaspoon of light mayo, crème fraiche, and some finely diced apples. It also functions with pears, cucumbers, and celery.

2. Spicy Chicken and Mango

Use grilled chicken breast or leftover roast. Add some tiny mango cubes after chopping this into cubes. Combine with a bit of Sriracha or sweet chilli sauce. With roast beef, this also works beautifully.

3. Smashed Avocado

Why should toast get to enjoy themselves? The Ryvita can shatter and get covered in crumbs if an avocado is mashed directly on it. Instead, put some avocado in a dish before spreading it over the Ryvita. Last, include some feta or sun-dried tomatoes. It can also have a nachos-like flavour with a splash of salsa or coriander.

4. Cream Tea

Add one spoonful of low-sugar jam, some strawberry slices, and one teaspoon of Greek yogurt.

Instead, put jam on the Ryvita and top it with a dollop of cottage cheese. Use coconut yogurt or genuine cream if you’re not concerned about the fat content.

5. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Why not just use it for sandwiches? Add low-sugar jam or jelly to one spoonful of sugar-free peanut butter. Slices of bananas are an additional option.

6. Caprese

If you want to truly zhush it up, add some fresh basil and a thin spray of olive oil after slicing some mozzarella into flat pieces and adding tomato.

7. Peanut Butter and Chicken

Before you give it a shot, don’t ridicule it! Sliced chicken is placed on top of the low-sugar peanut butter spread over the Ryvita. Add some chopped coriander on top of it. You might also include some cucumber slices.

8. Bahn Mi-ish!

You can’t get all of that on a cracker, so even if it has a portion of the ingredients of a proper Bahn Mi, it still counts.

Put some pate over the Ryvita and top with chopped carrot, fresh coriander, and a splash of Maggi sauce.

9. Sardines and Rocket

This is a terrific method to meet the recommended weekly intake of two servings of oily fish. Buy a can of anchovies in marinara sauce and mash them; the sardines’ soft bones are a fantastic source of calcium. The fish mixture should be placed on top of the Ryvita, followed by some rockets for spiciness.

10. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

There’s a reason it’s a classic. We should all consume more smoked salmon since it is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. You may make a complete lunch by combining smoked salmon with light cream cheese, but be aware that this food is heavy in salt.

5 Other Ways to Use Ryvita

Ryvita can be used in various ways, apart from the traditional way of adding toppings. For instance, you can cut it into smaller pieces and use it as an alternative to tortilla chips to scoop up the dip.

It also serves as an excellent substitute for bread, as it already has a crispy base and can quickly cook foods like cheese on toast. Cut it into strips and use it to dip into scrambled eggs.

For salads and soups, Ryvita makes an excellent replacement for croutons and adds a delicious crunch. Cut it into smaller pieces and toss it into your salad or soup.

To make a crispy coating, place one or two Ryvitas in a bag and roll a rolling pin over them until they are in crumbs. You can use these crumbs to cover items like salmon or lamb chops, giving them a deliciously crispy texture.

On the Ryvita website, there is also a recipe for Nutella-based chocolates in the Ferrero Rocher manner. You smash five Ryvitas and combine them with two tablespoons of somewhat warm Nutella. Please put them in cases, roll them into balls, and chill until firm.

While the last use of Ryvita may not fit within the healthy foods category, it is undeniably delicious. However, if you want a healthier alternative, consider trying the Diablo chocolate spread, which contains less sugar.


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