10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

There is a myth going around that bread is not a great option for those who want to lose weight, purely because it is ‘full of bad carbs’.

But while it is true that some white breads can be high in carbohydrates, it is also fair to say that not all breads are made equally. Indeed, there are some types that can be included within a weight loss meal plan or as part of a balanced and healthy diet.

If you are into choosing the best foods to supercharge your body with more of the right nutrients you need, there is no need to cut out bread entirely from your life. Instead, all you need is to eat the right types of bread (and food in general).

With that in mind, here are 10 of the best breads you can eat to assist with weight loss. Stick to these and they will help you remain well and truly on track to help you meet your health goals.


What type of bread is best for weight loss?

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

Essentially, if you want to lose weight, you need to burn off more calories than you consume on a regular basis, because any energy you expend after that is taken from your reserves of fat.

The best way to do that is to focus on consuming foods that are very low in calories including vegetables and fruit and refrain from those that have a much higher composition of them, such as certain breads, pasta and potatoes.

That said, it is important to understand that you don’t need to give up those foods completely, but rather concentrate on the types that are more appropriate for weight less. For instance, steer clear of the breads with the highest levels of carbs and calories (as evidenced by its GI level), in favour of others that are more favourable.

Let’s have a look at them below.


10 Best Breads for Losing Weight

If you love eating bread but want to lose some weight, here are ten great options that should help you do both.


  1. 100% whole wheat breads

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Whole grains, also known as wholemeal, are grains that maintain the entire grain, including the germ, bran and endosperm.

The germ and bran of the grain are high in fibre and contain a wide range of essential nutrients, including fat, protein, minerals, vitamins and beneficial plant compounds. On the other hand, the endosperm is mostly starch.

Overall, whole grains are considered more nutritious and are higher in fibre than refined grains that have been processed to remove the germ and bran. That said, white flour is typically fortified with iron and B vitamins and may actually contain more of specific nutrients than whole wheat flour.

Studies have proven that consuming whole grains can lead to a number of health benefits, including heart disease and a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

 It is important to note that many manufacturers label their bread as ‘whole wheat’ so that it appears healthier – even when it mostly consists of refined flour. Therefore, when buying bread, make sure you look for those that have whole-grain flour or 100% whole-wheat listed as their first ingredient.

You should also avoid bread that has unnecessary ingredients within it, like large amounts of vegetable oils or added sugars.


  1. Flax bread

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Flaxseed bread is made from whole-grain flour and flax seeds – hence why it is sometimes called flax bread.

As one of its main ingredients are flax seeds, which are highly nutritious and offer several health benefits, it is one of the healthiest bread options available. These seeds are an excellent source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This is an omega-3 fatty acid found predominantly found in plant foods that is linked to a decreased risk of heart disease. 

In addition, flax seeds contain lignans, which can act as antioxidants in your body and may help protect against certain types of cancer. Though it must be said, more detailed research is necessary to understand the connection between flax seeds and reduced cancer risk.

What is known however, is that incorporating flax bread and other foods with flax seeds into your diet may also improve your digestive health. Subsequently, you should choose flax bread made with minimal ingredients, such as sprouted whole-grain flours and/or whole-wheat, water, yeast, flax seeds and salt.


  1. Sourdough

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Sourdough bread is made by fermenting dough with naturally occurring yeast and bacteria. This fermentation process breaks down some of the proteins and carbohydrates, which makes this type of bread much easier to digest than others.

The fermentation also helps to lessen the amount of phytates or levels of phytic acid that leach on to certain minerals and therefore impairs their absorption. While it is true that phytates offer some health benefits, they are also known to reduce the amount of important minerals, such as calcium and iron, that can be absorbed by the body.

Furthermore, the fermentation process in sourdough bread converts some of its carbohydrates into resistant starch, which takes longer to digest. This, along with the bread’s low glycemic index, means that it is much less likely to cause a quick spike in blood sugar levels. 


Sourdough bread can be made with both whole-wheat and white flour. Whole wheat sourdough contains more fibre, while sourdough made with enriched white flour may contain more B vitamins and iron.


  1. Ezekiel 

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Ezekiel bread is a type of bread made from sprouted, organic whole grains. It contains various types of legumes and grains.

Typically, this bread is sugar-free, which provides you with great benefit. Moreover, the presence of two types of sprouted beans increases the protein content in the bread. This, in turn, helps to keep blood sugars lower and make you feel fuller for a longer time.

You should be able to easily find Ezekiel bread at most health food stores and some supermarkets.


  1. Rye bread

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Rye is a grain that is similar to wheat, but it is usually denser and darker. Traditional rye bread is made solely from rye flour and does not contain any wheat flour, while most modern rye breads are made from a combination of both. Some manufacturers also add caraway seeds to rye loaves during baking.

When compared to wheat breads, rye is often considered to be more nutritious. Some studies suggest that rye bread could have significantly less of an impact than wheat bread on blood sugar. This is due to its high fibre content, which prevent blood sugar spikes by slowing down carbohydrate digestion.

Typically, the most healthier brands of rye breads are the ones that have been made from 100% sprouted whole-grain rye flour, along with other types of grain sprouted flours. Sprouting increases the fibre content of grains, making sprouted rye higher in fibre and much healthier than rye that is non-sprouted.


  1. Whole grain breads

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Whole grain bread is made up of grains that are fully intact. When compared to white bread, it tends to have much fewer calories.

Even if you are simply maintaining your weight loss, whole grain is a great choice. It is a healthy option that you can always rely on. However, to ensure you are making a healthy choice, look for a brand that sticks to the guidelines of 3 grams each of fibre and sugar per slice.


  1. Gluten-free bread

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Gluten-free bread is a type of bread made without using grains that contain gluten, such as rye, wheat or barley. It is particularly suitable for people who need to avoid gluten, such as those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Although the exact composition of gluten-free bread may vary depending on the type, it is generally made from a mixture of gluten-free flours, such as almond, brown rice, coconut, corn tapioca, potato or tapioca flours.


Many people mistakenly believe that gluten-free bread is healthier than bread that has gluten in it. However, most gluten-free varieties are made from refined flours and contain high amounts of added sugars.

On the other hand, bread made from coconut or almond flours is typically lower in carbs, but higher in protein and fibre than that made from wheat or other grains.

Moreover, some experts believe that the increased protein and fibre content in these breads may help people feel fuller after eating a smaller portion than they otherwise would with other breads.


  1. Mountain Bread

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Mountain Bread is an incredibly light option as it only has around 72 calories per serving.

Originating from the mountains of Lebanon, this unique bread has become popular as a thinly sliced flatbread with a soft texture. 

Not only can it be used for wraps, but it also serves as a fantastic low-carb pizza base.


  1. Sprouted bread

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Sprouted bread is a type of bread that is made from whole grains that have begun to sprout due to exposure to moisture and heat.

Studies have shown that sprouting can increase the availability and amount of certain nutrients in the grains. Additionally, sprouting also increases the antioxidants in the grains while reducing antinutrients. This can help to improve immunity, prevent vitamin and mineral deficiency and increase metabolism.

 Moreover, sprouting breaks down some of the starch in grains, which reduces the carb content of sprouted bread. Subsequently, whole, sprouted grains have a less dramatic effect on blood sugar levels compared to other grains. This makes them a great option for those with lower blood sugar targets or diabetes.

Most sprouted breads tend to be high in protein and fibre, making them more filling than refined breads.


  1. Oat bread

10 of the Best Breads You Can Eat to Assist Weight Loss

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Oat bread is usually made by combining oats, yeast, whole-wheat flour, salt, and water. They are a very healthy option as oats are highly nutritious and have been linked to several health benefits.

Not only are they rich in fibre, which can help manage blood sugars after meals, but they are also believed to help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition, oats have plenty of essential nutrients in them including vitamin B1 (thiamine), magnesium, zinc and iron, which play vital roles in maintaining one’s overall health.

It is worth noting though that not all bread labelled as ‘oatmeal’ or even ‘oat’ have a high amount of oats in them. Some oat breads contain only a nominal amount and are instead mostly made up of added sugars, refined flours and fattening oils. To determing how nutritious a brand of oat bread is, try to find one who lists their first couple of ingredients as oats and whole-wheat flour.


Bottom line

If you take anything any from this article, we hope it is that you understand that not all breads are bad for you.

If you still want to eat bread it is important to find one that will be beneficial for your health. Therefore, try to look for brands that are made from sprouted-grain flours, 100% whole-grain or a mix of both. You should also ensure the bread has minimal added sweeteners.

The types of bread listed above should give you plenty of options. Just remember that whichever type you go for, it is important to eat it as part of a balanced diet that also incorporates a wide range of other nutritious whole foods.


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