20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

There was a time when you had to sacrifice your waistline in order to enjoy a good drop of white, red or rose. But those days are long gone now.

Thankfully, winemakers around the world have invested sufficient focus into producing an incredible selection of low-calorie and low-carb wines, which are every bit as good as what has traditionally been produced. This means you can enjoy a nice glass or two of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc without having a chaser of guilt.

In this article, we will highlight 20 of the best low-calorie wines you can buy in Australia right now. If you are an oenophile who wants to reduce your intake of calories or adopt a healthier lifestyle yet still want to partake in a regular glass of vino, these options will be perfect for you.

All of these wines are currently available in Australia, either online, at the winery’s cellar door or in-store from the leading liquor outlets in the country.


Loose Goose Gruner Veltliner

Straight from the Adelaide Hills, this delicate and funky medium, dry bodied style of Grüner Veltliner is a terrific varietal to enjoy with pasta.

Produced by Caitlin Wines, it has enjoyed barrel maturation, though it was not treated with added sulfur. You can expect lots of spice and texture and spice on your palate, along with a pleasant, perfumed nose.

Brand: Catlin Wines


MR Moscatel Mountain Wine 500mL

Deriving from Malaga in Spain, this delightful wine from Telmo Rodriguez is a rare drop that has a special quality to it.

The vines on which it came from reside 900 metres over sea level and cling to schist and very steep slopes that cultivate fruit with exceptional minerality, acidity, and purity. Subsequently, it is a delicately sweet wine that provides a fabulous alternative to Sauternes.

Brand: Telmo Rodriguez


Pinot Gris

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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Under the stewardship of Aaron Mercer and produced by a dedicated team of vintners who have a real sense of togetherness, Cowpunk is steadily blazing a trail in the low-calorie wine scene.

Made from single sites, their small-batch wines are proudly 100% natural. They are designed for the modern drinker who is looking for a wine with a complexity that is made in as made in a hands-off fashion.

A dynamic offering from the highly talented and decorated winemaker Aaron Mercer, this brand is vegan, organic, and free from both preservatives and other additions.

Brand: Cowpunk Natural Wines


Luminaire Chardonnay 750mL

This full-flavoured and punchy Chardonnay comprises an enchanting mix of sophistication and flavour. It features citrus and stone fruit that perfectly balances with a succulent finish and creamy texture to produce something quite extraordinary.

Brand: Vortex Wine Co.


Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Riesling

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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Planning on eating oysters? Then this light and dry-bodied style of Riesling is an excellent option.

Produced by Fowles Wine, the evocatively named Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch Riesling is one of Matt Fowles’ signature brands, which is all about sustainable living. It originates from a family-owned vineyard within an estate in the beautiful Strathbogie Ranges region of Central Victoria.

This varietal is renowned for having superb levels of acid which created a white wine that is not just aromatic but also full of austerity and power. At the same time, it does not lack in texture and complexity.

As it is a food type of Riesling, you can keep it in a cellar for 3-4 years or drink it this evening with equal delight.

Brand: Fowles Wine


Winemakers Selection Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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This fabulous Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect drop for when you are feeling fruity.

This luscious drop is soft to taste, offering a citrusy finish along with generous and fresh depth. It has an aroma of orange, lime and floral notes that fuse perfectly with a palate of lychee and lemony jam that is just divine.

Brand: Shaw Wines


Riesling 2021

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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This offering from Auld Family Wines is a lovely choice to enjoy with a salad or Asian-inspired seafood.

It possesses excellent depth and plenty of fruity flavours initially, particularly notes of clementine and lime, which really come to the fore. The wine also showcases good length, which highlights regional minerality, before finishing with a crisp and beautiful Eden Valley acidity.

Brand: Auld Family Wines


Walk This Way Clare Valley Riesling

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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This light and dry-bodied Riesling style is a regional offering from Claymore Wines, which is produced in collaboration with a special selection of local growers.

It is blended from a trio of sites within the Clare Valley and is notable for its lifted floral notes, bright citrus, and superb dry finish.

Brand: Claymore Wines


Farm to Table Chardonnay

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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This Chardonnay is another offering from the team at Fowles Wine. It takes the form of a pale straw, bursting with an aroma of rock melon and stone fruit that features light green reflections.

As a medium-bodied vino, this drop tickles your palate with melon and peach flavours, along with a hint of oak, which gives it a soft and lavishly flavoured finish.

Brand: Fowles Wine


Mars Needs Moscato

Muster Wines have produced a real corker with their Mars Needs Moscato offering. Boasting impressive freshness that creates a wonderful expression, it holds a fabulous balance between a sweet taste and refreshing, crunchy acidity.

It even boasts a slight carbonation, which lends the wine a discernible ‘frizzante’. Subsequently, it is a joyous and soul-lifting wine that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Brand: Muster Wines


The Whip Riesling

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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This wonderfully aromatic and somewhat racy Reisling is part of Capital Wine’s fascinating Ministry Series. 

While it is light-bodied and dry in style, this vintage contains floral notes of lemon rind and lime citrus, which are quickly followed by a rather intense wave of natural and searing citrus acidity.

Overall, the finish stays in the mouth long after you’ve drunk it, making it the perfect wine to enjoy with fish and chips or a nice Thai curry.

Brand: Capital Wine


Red Robin Riesling

Made by the artisanal Riesling producers Rhythm Stick Wines, this version is another exceptional drop from the Clare Valley.

Thanks to its creator, Tim Adams, it is a terroir driven Rieslings that bursts with vitality and freshness. It has decent minerals on the nose, which are quickly taken over on your palate by zesty citrus characters. Additionally, it is defined by an excellent acid structure and a fabulous length. 

Brand: Rhythm Stick Wines


Yume Grape Wine

Fancy something a bit different? The Choya Yume Wine is an exquisite take on the traditional Japanese Plum wine, which enjoys worldwide popularity.

It consists of a mystery blend of the brand’s signature Ume juice, which is extracted from 100% Japanese-grown Ume fruits, as well as balanced sugar and pure Japanese grape wine. If you enjoy smooth, clean and light-bodied wines with a sweet flavour that is not too dis-similar to Moscato or Tokay’s.

Ideally, it is best enjoyed as an aperitif or once you have finished your meal.

Brand: Choya


McGuigan Zero Shiraz

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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Low-carb wines don’t get much better than McGuigan’s fantastic Zero Range.

Made with just 0.5 grams of carbs, they have much less fattening properties to them than more traditional options. As they are alcohol-free, they also enable you to enjoy modern wine without the risk of a hangover.

So, not only is it a brilliant choice for those who want to maintain a low-carb diet, they are also perfect for designated drivers too.

Brand: McGuigan Wines



If you’ve never tried Cuvée before, your senses are in for a real treat. Visually, you’ll see a pale gold beverage with intriguing green tints. At the same time, the exciting fresh aroma of red apples, citrus and a slight hint of musk should intoxicate your nose.

From the first sip, the flavour should appear lively and full on your palate, while the creamy texture possesses a refreshing and crisp acidity on the finish. This is a terrific wine to enjoy with summer salads, especially ones that, in keeping with the vintners, are also vegan.

Brand: The Vegan Wine Project


Le Courier Chenin Blanc

Produced on some of the best vineyards in Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, Le Courier Chenin Blanc comes to you all the way from South Africa.

It is made by the highly talented team at the Old Road Wine Company and takes the form of a complex Chenin Blanc that features notable flavours of ripe stone fruit. It also has a leesy richness that leads through to a satisfying and persistent finish.

Brand: Old Road Wine Company


Mornington Peninsula Young Wines Pinot Gris

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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If you enjoy keeping an eye on the wine scene, you might have heard of Justin and Lisa Jenkins, who are rising to prominence within minimal intervention circles.

Based in the Mornington Peninsula, they have produced this fabulous Pinot Gris that incorporates a medium and dry-bodied style. It features fruit that is locally sourced from nearby Red Hill and has spent decent time ageing in old oak barrels that are given a gentle bit of a lees stir every now and then.

Brand: Fleet Wines


Pet Nat

As you may conclude from its name, Small Island Wines are based out of Tasmania. This lovely brew consists of a 50-50 fusion of Chardonnay Musque and Schonburger, which results in a sulphur-free and naturally sparkling wine that is as fun to drink as it is tasty.

Best of all, one dollar from the purchase of each bottle goes to supporting the Southern Ocean Carbon Company, whose mission is to grow seaweed for the good of the planet.

Brand: Small Island Wines


Lindeman’s Early Harvest

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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For those after a low-calorie option that does not compromise on taste or quality, the Early Harvest from Lindeman is an excellent choice.

As it possesses 25% less calories on average per glass than more traditional wines, they offer you a much lighter sip, which makes them ideal for consumers who are counting the calories.

Brand: Lindeman


Outlaw Chardonnay 750mL

20 of the Best Low-Calorie Wines in Australia

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Based in Lidster in New South Wales, Stockman’s Ridge Wines are making big waves on the Chardonnay scene with their Outlaw varietal. Made with exceptional fruit that is produced 800 metres above sea level and fermented in a barrel, this label has a light golden appearance when poured in the glass.

It also possesses aromas that combine peach, a squeeze of lime, crisp apples and crème brulee to produce a beverage with a persistent flavour depth of lemon meringue, fresh nectarine, minerality and roasted cashew.

Brand: Stockman’s Ridge Wines


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