Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2024

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

With over 4000 branches worldwide, Anytime Fitness has become a major player in the global fitness industry. The fitness centre is available around the clock every day of the year.

Therefore, people of all ages, occupations, and social statuses have consistently made time to Fitness in their gym of choice.

In addition to their convenient 24/7 access, Anytime Fitness’ low prices make them a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts across the globe.

How much does it cost to become a member of Anytime Fitness? Monthly rates average $38.99, and there are often substantial discounts available. Clubs’ ultimate prices are subject to change. 

This is because the ownership of each Anytime Fitness club is different, leading to price differences between establishments.

Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through the specifics of an Anytime Fitness membership, including its cost and other essential considerations.

The 2023 Pricing Structure and Locations for Anytime Fitness and Fitness First 

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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Let’s speak about the best two gymnasiums across the Philippines to join in 2023 so you can get in shape and achieve your goals.

New Year’s resolutions to get in shape typically prompt a surge in gym attendance, and that time of year is quickly approaching. If you find yourself in this category, congrats on taking the first step on your adventure!

Now wait, which fitness centre should you join? You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re still on the fence about that. Let’s speak about the best two gymnasiums within the Philippines to join in 2023 so you can get in shape and achieve your goals.

1. Anytime Fitness 

Do you frequently have a hectic schedule at work? Or a working adult who needs to exercise more.

Anytime Fitness Gym is convenient for those who work nights or have unpredictable schedules. All Anytime Fitness locations are open around the clock, and members can access all locations. That’s much more than 4,000 places!

Can I hire a fitness expert?

The gym’s coaching and training resources are available to all members. People who may be just beginning their fitness routine will benefit significantly from this. The hourly rate of an Anytime Fitness personal trainer is about PHP1,100.

Is There Any Timetable I Can Follow on Clock Ins?

The 24/7 Gym is exactly what it sounds like open whenever you want! But seriously, Anytime Fitness centres are open around the clock, every day of the year.

How Are Anytime Fitness Gyms Ensuring the Safety of Everyone?

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Anytime Fitness strongly recommends that all members wear a face mask and engage in social distancing even if its locations are at maximum capacity. The staff cleans and disinfects all of the equipment regularly.

2. Fitness First

The Fitness First Gym is a fantastic choice for anyone with fitness objectives, whether you are a complete gym rookie or a seasoned pro.

Being among the top fitness businesses worldwide, Fitness First has come a long way since its inception in 1993. Their sole purpose is to become fitness industry pioneers who motivate others to achieve their full potential.

What’s the Cost of Membership at Fitness First?

The membership cost for Fitness First depends on factors such as the length of time you commit to being a member (3 months vs. 12 months of membership), the location of the gym you want to join, and what type or kind of membership you choose.

Prices at the various Metro Manila locations of Fitness First are as follows:

  • Fitness First, located at Eastwood – PHP1,990 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at Fairview – PHP 1,550 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at Asia’s Mall – PHP1,990 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located in Manila – PHP1,550 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First located at Megamall – PHP1,990 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at Metro East – PHP1,550 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at North Edsa – PHP1,990 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at Platinum Alabang – PHP2,190 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at Platinum Aura – PHP2,190 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at Platinum Greenhills – PHP2,190 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at Platinum RCBC – PHP2,700 monthly for one year
  • Fitness First, located at Platinum Trinoma – PHP2,700 monthly for one year

For PHP340 a month, you may join Fitness First’s Virtual Studio and gain access to hundreds of streaming lessons, including recordings of some of their most popular trademark classes.

There are premium classes available for a monthly cost as well:

  • Unlimited High Interval Training Classes – PHP660 every month
  • Unlimited Body and Mind Classes – PHP660 every month
  • Unlimited Bike and Cycling Classes – PHP660 every  month
  • Unlimited Group Excercise and FitnessClasses – PHP990 every month

You may also choose to upgrade your account membership to a Premium Pass, which grants you access to 7 other Fitness First gyms around the country, or the Platinum Passport, which grants you access to all Twelve Fitness First gyms across the country, depending on where you want to join.

May I Hire a Private Fitness Instructor?

Fitness First offers personal trainers, just like our top pick. The same applies to those just beginning on a fitness journey; this makes a fantastic alternative.

The going rate for a personal trainer is between PHP1,500 and PHP1,600 each session, with an annual commitment bringing the total cost down to PHP14,400 (or roughly PHP1,200 every session).

Is There Any Timetable I Can Follow?

Gym Access appointments are no longer required since all Fitness First locations are at maximum capacity. 

However, to use the gym’s facilities, each member must install the Fitness First app on their smartphone or tablet and scan the QR Code upon arrival.

How is Fitness First Ensuring the Safety of Everyone?

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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All members of Fitness First are responsible for bringing their mats, towels (bath and sweat), water bottles, and clothes. 

They advise everyone to use a face mask, clean up after themselves, and keep their distance from one another. The crew also frequently disinfects all equipment to ensure patient safety.

The cost of an Anytime Fitness membership.

The lack of a membership commitment period is the most attractive aspect of Anytime Fitness. This means you can cancel your membership after a set period without hassle. 

Anytime Fitness typically offers monthly and annual membership options. While most clubs provide year memberships, some may offer shorter-term (6 or 18 months membership) options. 

You can always call them to find out their available membership duration choices.

Regarding the prices, a standard monthly membership at Anytime Fitness in the USA would run you $38.99. 

You may be required to pay an additional $49.99 to start your monthly membership. If you and your significant other consider joining Anytime Fitness, you can save even more money as a couple. 

If you and your spouse join Anytime Fitness together, your monthly charge will be just $59.99 instead of $108.99.  

However, the couple’s membership also requires an individual initiation charge of $49.99. Every type of Anytime Fitness registration and membership, especially the annual membership, has the same $49.99 initial charge.

If you’re interested in an Anytime Fitness membership, you may get one for an annual fee of $407.99. To sweeten the deal, couples who sign up for a year membership together pay just $659.99. 

We appreciate the savings on a couple’s membership to Anytime Fitness. 

But that’s not all; Anytime Fitness also has excellent deals for those of a certain age, armed forces members, first responders, and students. If this describes you, or you fall into a similar category, you may be eligible for substantial savings at the Anytime Fitness gym.

Contact the gym club if you are interested in joining to find out about joining discounts. However, there is no need to commit to a specific location with an Anytime Fitness gym membership; you can use your pass at any of the 4,000 or more clubs the company operates worldwide. And it doesn’t cost much extra!

You may now put your Anytime Fitness subscription on hold or cancel it for nearly free. Remember that most gyms may charge additional money to freeze your account and cancel your membership. Anytime Fitness Club is a blessing for thrifty gym-goers in this regard as well. 

That sum represents the standard rates charged by Anytime Fitness. For the most up-to-date information on membership costs, we stress again that you should contact the club in your area immediately. 

If you do this, you’ll be able to anticipate final costs better and take advantage of available discounts and bargains. 

The price of an Anytime Fitness membership.

Depending on the location and the membership type, you can choose from various membership options with varying fees at Anytime Fitness.

Membership fees for a standard individual range from $30 to $50 a month, not including enrollment and key fob access fees.

There are gym memberships that cost more per month but offer more perks and access to more locations than others, such as Anytime Fitness Plus One and Anytime Fitness Plus, Family.

Depending on the membership plan and the facility, personal workout sessions may come at an additional cost. For information about pricing and membership plans, it is best to contact the nearest Anytime Fitness Gym directly.

What Is the Cost of Registration at Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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The price of joining Anytime Fitness might change based on several factors, including the club’s location, the membership plan selected, and the membership’s commitment period.

Prices range from $30 to $50 per month for individuals and $50 to $80.00 monthly for couples and families.

There may be additional costs on top of the base price, such as fees, yearly charges, initiation fees, and other fees.

However, learners, new members, and military personnel are often eligible for special offers and discounts at some Anytime Fitness facilities. Contact the club directly for more information, including membership costs and availability.

What is the cost of a couple’s membership to Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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Various membership plans are available at Anytime Fitness to meet your specific needs and interests.

Anytime Fitness Gym Couples Membership is among the most sought-after alternatives since it grants your significant other and you access to all Anytime Fitness locations.

The Couples Club fee can change based on your region and the features you use the most.

The price of a couple’s Membership may be slightly higher than that of a single Membership.

Membership duration, access to other locations, and additional features and services will all affect the final price.

For more information on the cost of a Couples Membership at the nearest Anytime Fitness, please call the club directly.

Price of a Personal Trainer at Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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If you want to work out with a certified personal trainer to attain your fitness goals, you may do so at Anytime Fitness.

Costs for private training sessions at all Anytime Fitness Gym can differ depending on your geographic location, the expertise and credentials of your trainer, the number of sessions per week, and the length of each session.

Anytime Fitness’s classes typically cost between $50 and $100 an hour.

You should check with the nearest fitness centre for pricing and scheduling personal workout sessions; certain establishments may provide packages or discount deals for numerous sessions.

Can I Get a Free Trial at Anytime Fitness Gym Before Joining?

Sure thing; new members can try Anytime Fitness risk-free for a week. Before committing to full membership, new members can check out the gym and everything it offers with a free trial membership.

To take advantage of this deal, visit Anytime Fitness’s Gym website and enter your zip code, city, state, or other desired criteria.

If you feel like you have found the perfect gym, fill out a trial membership application, then bring it in the next time you visit. You can use the locker rooms and fitness centre for your trial.

After your trial time ends, if you still want to be a participant, you can choose from several different membership plans that best meet your needs in terms of fitness and your budget.

Do Monthly Dues Cover Group Exercise Classes?

Most Anytime Fitness locations’ membership fees include access to group exercise classes.

Yoga, Zumba, cycling, and muscle building are regular class possibilities, though the specifics depend on the venue.

Taking part in a group fitness class can be a great way to get in shape and learn about different kinds of physical activity. It also aids in making people feel welcome and at ease in one’s company.

Some Anytime Fitness facilities may charge extra for access to particular classes or memberships. Contact your neighbourhood club to learn more about the specific courses and programs.

Student Discount at Any Time Fitness

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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Students are essential to Anytime Fitness, so they provide special pricing. However, because each Anytime Fitness club is separately owned, its policy on offering discounts to students can be different from one another.

For instance, at several Anytime Fitness Clubs, students can save 15% on a yearly membership; at others, they can save $20 on a monthly membership.

You may get more information about Anytime Fitness’s student discount policy by visiting their contact page.

If you are a university or college student, you can verify your student status by uploading your transcript or class schedule onto the club’s website.

You will also require a valid student email account from your school.

If you are a student and are interested in a discount at your local Anytime Fitness, I recommend checking the gym’s website.

You cannot use this promotion in conjunction with other promotional offers. There is a monthly limit of one coupon per person or household.

Remember that the Anytime Fitness Gym Student Discount requires a valid student Identification card.

Is There a Cancellation Policy for the Anytime Fitness Club Membership?

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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Anytime Fitness annual members can cancel their membership anytime, without penalty.

Sending a letter or an email to your gym club will cancel your membership as of the conclusion of the current paying period.

On the other hand, if you’re not happy with your membership to Anytime Fitness, you may cancel it within a set time frame and get your money back.

If you need information on the club’s cancellation policy, it’s best to call beforehand.

Where Do I Find the Enrollment Form for Anytime Fitness?

Joining Anytime Fitness is simple; you can do it online or at your neighbourhood gym.

Sign up for Anytime Fitness immediately by clicking the “Join Now” link on their website. After deciding on a membership type, members must fill out a form with their contact, payment, and other information.

Once the online application is complete, you can choose the club you want to join and generate access codes.

If you’d rather sign your name, drop by the club during business hours, and a staff member will assist you.

Is There a Way to Pause My Subscription?

There may be a grace period during which you can pause or suspend your Anytime Fitness subscription. It’s a great option to consider when putting your workouts on hold due to an accident, illness and other circumstances.

You should contact the nearest club for more information on the precise terms of freezing and suspending your account, as they will vary depending on where you live and your membership type.

A membership hold or freeze may be subject to a price at some clubs but may be free of charge at others.

How do I renew an Anytime Fitness subscription?

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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Monthly customers of Anytime Fitness will have their memberships renewed automatically and charged to their payment method on file on the first of each month.

If your membership is annual, you must renew it before the end of the year to continue using the gym.

Anytime Fitness normally sends renewal reminders in the weeks before your contract expires.

If you maintain your membership for the correct time, you will retain access to the gym’s amenities and services.

You should know that the cancellation policy and associated gym fees may vary depending on your membership type. You should contact the fitness centre to inquire about the cancellation policies.

What Are The Anytime Fitness Club Memberships Cancellation Policies?

Cost of Anytime Fitness membership

The cancellation policy for Anytime Fitness subscriptions varies by membership type and location.

If you are paying monthly, you can cancel at any time.

If you fail to terminate the membership before the conclusion of your annual contract, you may be subject to a cancellation fee.

A cancellation notice is necessary in some cases and some places. It may be necessary to cancel either verbally or by writing.

If you want to know how to terminate your membership, it’s best to do so in person at the nearest club.

Free Visitor Pass to Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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On the Anytime Fitness website at, Anytime Fitness advertises a free one-week gym pass. Visitors who fill out the form and pay a 10 dollar to20 dollar deposit will have their money returned if they decide not to become full members.

Visitors can use the security key fob for seven days after depositing it at the front desk of Anytime Fitness. However, not all features are accessible during the trial period because they are reserved for paying users.

Plan for Physical Education Instructors for Anytime Fitness Centre

In addition to various high-calibre exercise machines, most Anytime Fitness facilities provide personal training services. With the assistance of a personal trainer, an individual can climb out of their wellness slump and into a better place.

Guaranteed fitness trainers will help you create a smart, effective, fun, individualised exercise plan. Individuals will remain engaged and accountable during the agreement period with their fitness coaches.

Cost of an Anytime Fitness Club Membership

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

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Memberships at Anytime Fitness cost between $38.99 and $59.99 per month, although some regions charge significantly more. The one-year membership plan is much more cost-effective than the one-month one, so you should look into it.

You must be 18 years or older and have your legal signature to join Anytime Fitness as a member. Membership at Anytime Fitness normally necessitates the presentation of official identification.

It’s important to note that the cost of being a member of an Anytime Fitness Approved Club varies by both location and membership option.

Among the many perks of being an active member of Anytime Fitness are the following:

  • Accessibility to personal workout sessions.
  • Tan-related assistance.
  • Exercise options include cardiovascular machines, weights, and more.
  • Exercise programs like body conditioning, Zumba and yoga are made accessible.
  • You can take part in group fitness activities like spinning classes.

The excellent customer service at Anytime Fitness Club makes going to the gym a pleasure. Members of Anytime Fitness enjoy 24-hour access to their home gyms and chain clubs around the US.

Advantages of a Membership at Anytime Fitness

This article will discuss the benefits of enrolling with Anytime Fitness and the membership prices and fees.


Anytime Fitness is open around the clock so you can work out at any hour of the day or night. This is fantastic for people with hectic lives who may not have time to work out during typical gym hours.

The wide array of Gym Equipments at your disposal:

At Anytime Fitness, you can choose from various exercise machines. Weightlifting gear, functional fitness equipment, cardio machines, and other exercise machinery fall under this category.

Group Exercise Sessions and Class-Based Exercise Programs:

The membership fee at most Anytime Fitness centres includes access to group exercise courses. This can be a fantastic way to add variety to your workout and maintain interest.

Personal Training and Exercises

Members of Anytime Fitness get access to personal exercise and training sessions whenever they choose. This is a great chance to work one-on-one with a trained fitness professional who can provide individualised guidance and support.

Anytime Fitness centres provide a clean, safe workout space by installing the latest security measures and doing routine maintenance.

Pros of Having Membership Rights at Anytime Fitness Gym Clubs

Joining the Anytime Fitness affiliate program has many benefits, including:

  • Fitness, aerobic, and stretching equipment are available.
  • Get your hands on some training apps for your use.
  • Zumba, Yoga classes, body conditioning, spinning classes and other group workout participation options.
  • Tanning services and assistance.

Every visit to an Anytime Fitness centre is a pleasant experience because of the friendly and helpful staff. Members of Anytime Fitness get access to any of their locations in the USA twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Since one can exercise at any location with the Anytime Fitness gym, the rates at Anytime Fitness are the best deal.

If you need to go to the gym at an odd or busy time, you can be certain that every Anytime Gym provides security guards around the clock and parking spaces available.

What Is the Cost of a Couple’s Membership to Anytime Fitness?

If you sign up as a pair at Anytime Fitness, you can save money on your subscription.

A monthly subscription for yourself and your significant other will only cost $59.99. Considering that two individual subscriptions would cost $79.98, you can see what an excellent deal this is. 

In addition, an annual membership to Anytime Fitness for the two of you is only $659.99. 

Fees for a Private Trainer at Any Time Fitness

Unfortunately, the price of a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness varies depending on where you live. You may have to visit the Anytime Fitness location you’re interested in making your home gym to ask about membership. 

However, we have in mind a ballpark figure for the cost of it. The going rate for a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness is 35 dollars an hour. 

When it’s your first time signing up for Anytime Fitness, they’ll pair you up with a personal trainer who can show you the ropes and help you get in shape. There are no costs associated with this introductory coaching.

Discounts and Deals at Anytime Fitness Clubs

You may save 20 per cent on a couple’s membership at Anytime Fitness, just one of several promotions and discounts available. 

Besides, many Anytime Fitness locations provide special rates for college students and older people. Due to Anytime Fitness’s stated mission to promote health and wellness across all ages, this issue resonates with us.

They also provide special pricing for members of the armed forces, law enforcement, and the fire service. 

Local gyms are frequently the deciding factor in membership fee reductions and other promotions offered by Anytime Fitness. As a result, you can contact one to ask about special discounts and deals. 

Some Anytime Fitness locations may provide specials on top of the ones we mentioned. Therefore, it is always preferable to get in touch with them. 

Student Discount at Any Time Fitness

Several Anytime Fitness locations provide student discounts, but the percentages may vary by location.

Some gyms charge students only 35 dollars a month, while others offer discounts of up to 15 per cent. 

Anyone over 18 or enrolled in an accredited educational institution may qualify for a reduced-rate membership at Anytime Fitness. Get in touch with the local club for additional information. 

Remember that only some Anytime Fitness locations offer student discounts, so it’s best to check with the gym to see whether you qualify. 

Does Fitness Centre Discounts to Military Personnel?

The answer is yes. Military discounts are available at Anytime Fitness. However, you’ll need to make arrangements to visit your local Anytime Fitness Centre. Law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and others in the public service can also receive discounts. 

Seniors’ Discount at Anytime Fitness.

Memberships to Anytime Fitness do have special discounts for seniors. However, senior membership regulations at various fitness centres vary widely.

What is the Cost of a week’s Attendance at Anytime Fitness?

We don’t believe in charging you at Anytime Fitness gym centres by the week. The monthly subscription fee of 38.99 dollars works out to about $9 weekly. 

The 9 dollars monthly fee at the Anytime Fitness facility is well worth it. 

Can I use my membership at All Anytime Fitness Centres?

Your membership is valid at all Anytime Fitness locations in your home country and worldwide. 

That’s right; joining Anytime Fitness gives you access to gyms worldwide. That’s why there are about 4,000 fitness centres to choose from worldwide. 

Is It Possible to Put My Gym Subscription on Hold?

Freezing an Anytime Fitness Club membership is an option available at all times. However, the steps required and associated costs will change depending on where you live. 

This is because, despite all belonging to the Anytime Fitness brand, individual franchisees retain control over individual clubs.

How Much Will It Cost to Terminate My Anytime FitnessGym Membership?

Cancelling an Anytime Fitness gym membership does not incur any fees. The price trend shows that membership at Anytime Fitness does not need a long-term commitment. We only offer monthly and annual plans. 

Is Cancelling an Anytime Fitness Subscription A Hassle?

A membership to Anytime Fitness is relatively easy to terminate. After the end of your subscription period (monthly or annually, depending on your plan), you will no longer have access to the site. Your Anytime Fitness Gym membership is renewable at your convenience. 

Guest Fees at Anytime Fitness

Guests are welcome to use the facilities at all Anytime Fitness locations free of charge for up to a week.

However, you may be required to provide a security deposit (costs will vary) before signing up for the guest gym membership. If you don’t decide to become a regular member after the trial time, your security fee will be reimbursed.

Class fees for Anytime Fitness Team or Group Sessions

After joining and paying the associated costs, classes at Anytime Fitness are always free. Group sessions like Pilates and Yoga are also available at no additional cost.

Concluding Remarks

Anytime Fitness is more than just your run-of-the-mill fitness centre. Its amazing supplementary features, however, are yours to utilise at no additional cost. 

Now you know why you should give Any Time Fitness a shot, and it’s not only because of the cutting-edge fitness gear and accommodating atmosphere. For that and more reasons, we think Anytime Fitness has fair costs.

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