Best-Rated Multivitamins

Best-Rated Multivitamins

The efficacy, accessibility, taste, ease of intake, packaging, affordability, and level of satisfaction of various multivitamins like Berocca, Cenovis, Centrum, Swisse, Nature’s Own, Nature’s Way, Blackmores, VOOST, and more have frequently been compared by different reviews.

There are numerous reasons why so many people resort to using multivitamins, from reducing cold and flu sensations and boosting energy levels to supporting developing bones and enhancing healthy skin. 

For instance, filling our meals with the necessary nutrients to establish a well-balanced and nutritious diet isn’t always easy. 31% of those polled reported getting a doctor’s recommendation to take a vitamin supplement. 15% more people claimed that COVID-19 encouraged them to purchase additional supplements.

Australian customers were surveyed for their opinions on the multivitamins they had acquired and taken over the previous 12 months. The brands were graded according to their reported efficacy, taste, availability, the convenience of consumption, packaging, quality, and general satisfaction. 

This post provides a report that includes those who obtained the required survey replies (30). And just to highlight, Berocca received five-star evaluations in nearly every category, including customer satisfaction, earning it the distinction of being the top-rated multivitamin.

Best Multivitamins

According to the most recent poll, the top multivitamins in Australia are shown below:

  1. Berocca
  2. Cenovis
  3. Nature’s Own
  4. Swisse
  5. Nature’s Way
  6. Centrum
  7. Blackmores
  8. VÖOST

After receiving a five-star rating for flavour, simplicity of use, perceived efficacy, availability, packaging, and customer satisfaction, Berocca emerged at the top. Cenovis received five-star ratings in other areas, including affordability, accessibility, and reasonable price.

The results of the most recent poll appear to point to a change in consumer perceptions of the overall value and advantages of multivitamins. Continue reading as we provide further study findings and address some critical questions you should have before making a multivitamin purchase.

What’s in Multivitamins?

The majority of multivitamins will contain numerous vitamins to ensure your body is working effectively. Multivitamins often contain calcium, zinc, iodine, and the following vitamins: A, C, D, E, K, B1, B6, and B12. 

The recommended consumption is provided on their sites and on product packaging. Other multivitamins contain dosages of lesser-known vitamins like selenium, chromium, and lutein.

Why Do Aussies Take Multivitamins?

There are several factors to consider while choosing the best brand for your supplement requirements. Therefore, it makes sense that 45% of the customers polled have experimented with many vitamin supplement brands. Furthermore, we discovered that 36% of respondents use multiple multivitamin brands.

According to our most recent study, many Australians (53%) feel multivitamins positively impact their health. In the meantime, 23% of those polled said they see a variation if they fail to consume their multivitamins daily.

In addition, we inquired of poll respondents why they used multivitamins, and we discovered:

  • 72% use them to promote general health.
  • 49% use them to strengthen their defences.
  • They are taken by 28% of people who are vitamin deficient.
  • 6% use them out of loyalty to family or friends.

Always remember that before making significant dietary changes or using multivitamins, you must speak with a medical expert.

Multivitamins Compared


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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Berocca provides a daily vitamin fix in the form of a drink rather than pills. When you drop a Berocca tablet into a glass of water, it dissolves fast to produce a flavorful, fizzy beverage rich in magnesium, calcium, Zinc, and vitamins B and C. 

The flavours of the original “Berocca Performance” supplement are available, including orange, berry, raspberry, and mango & orange. Additionally, it is offered as conventional film-coated tablets and as bubbly chewable pills. “Berocca Boost” pills help people release energy from eating and feature guarana, caffeine, and 12 vital vitamins and minerals.

  • Taste, simplicity of use, perceived efficacy, accessibility, packaging, and general contentment were all given five-star ratings for Berocca. Given the price, it received a score of four stars.


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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Cenovis specialises in health care and provides children with multivitamins and various supplements to aid with issues such as digestion, tension, energy, and immunity. 

You may also increase your regular intake of vitamins like Omega 3 by taking other multivitamin products. Cenovis offers distinct ranges for adults, adolescents, and children. The products are available in various formats, including sprinkles, chewable tablets, fizzy chews, regular pills, and capsules.

  • The multivitamin product received five-star ratings for affordability, accessibility, and convenience of use. It also received three stars for flavour and four stars for packaging, perceived efficacy and satisfaction.

Nature’s Own

Best-Rated Multivitamins

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When developing a range of supplements, Nature’s Own combines conventional natural medicine with cutting-edge research to address concerns including energy and performance, stress, sleep, joints, mobility, immunity, and overall health.

Most other products are intended to help with digestion, immunity, colds, hay fever, eyes, memory, heart, bone, and muscular health. The brand provides Omega 3 supplements, both women’s and men’s health supplements, and an enormous selection of nutritional supplements and herbal items.

  • Nature’s Own received four stars for perceived efficacy, the convenience of use, packaging, accessibility, and general satisfaction. It also received three stars for both flavour and price.


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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Swisse produces a wide array of multivitamins, nutritional supplements, beauty products, and functional meals. Its multivitamin line includes a sizable number of products designed explicitly for women, including items for menopausal women, pregnant women, people over 50 and 60, teens, and individuals with unique healthcare needs.

Also available from Swisse are several men’s and kids’ multivitamins and various products for athletes. You can acquire the products locally through pharmacies, grocery stores, and the Swisse online store.

  • For most criteria, such as perceived efficacy, the convenience of use, value for money, and general satisfaction, Swisse received four stars. It was awarded three stars for flavour.

Nature’s Way

Best-Rated Multivitamins

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According to Nature’s Way, combining conventional and contemporary medical approaches may meet Australians’ demands for vitamins. It offers a wide range of supplements, such as superfoods, sports activities, and weight loss and management.

With supplements available as drops, powders, milk buttons, chocolate balls, chewable capsules and yoghurts, Nature’s Way makes it easy for everyone to consume their vitamins conveniently. 

Furthermore, other herbal and wholefood combinations are available in capsules and powders that address various health issues, such as stress, arthritis, immunity, bone density, digestion, cognitive health, heart health, and physical beauty.

  • Four stars were awarded to Nature’s Way for its overall satisfaction, flavour, accessibility, packaging, and simplicity of use. For perceived efficacy and overall value, it received three stars.


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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Centrum’s product range is supposed to address micronutrient deficiencies with various formulas designed to match various ages and health conditions. They are produced in several varieties, including Centrum for Men and Women, Kids Chewable Multivitamins, Advance original, and Specialist Energy Plus. In Australia, pharmacies and supermarket shops both sell Centrum.

  • Perceived efficacy, the convenience of intake, and general contentment all received four stars for Centrum. For the remaining aspects, it received three stars.


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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Blackmores asserts that it has merged conventional herbal remedies with the most recent nutrition research. The company, established by naturopath Maurice Blackmore, continues to have close links to naturopathy by offering free Naturopathy Advisory Seasons.

Blackmore addresses many health issues, including probiotics, Omega 3 fatty acids, pregnancy, weight loss, superfoods, eyes, heart, brain, immunity, digestion, skin, and joints. The multivitamin brand covers men’s, women’s, and children’s health. 

It provides teenage multivitamins, fish oil, immunity boosters, cough syrup, and newborn formula. Furthermore, Blackmore also offers a wide selection of pet health products. In other words, every living creature in the family is well cared for.

  • For perceived efficacy, accessibility, the convenience of use, and general contentment, Blackmores received four stars. For the remaining aspects, it received three stars.


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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Since its founding in 2013, VÖOST has sought to offer “the broadest selection of premium effervescent vitamins and minerals that are inexpensive without sacrificing flavour or quality.” 

The multivitamin fizzy line from VÖOST tackles health, energy metabolism, immunity, urethral health, dietary deficit, skin care, respiratory problems, joint mobility, nerves & muscles, and reproductive system health. 

Several flavours are available, such as citrus, blood orange, and raspberry.  The company also offers an electrolyte hydration line and a sports hydration line for Australians who are active and in need of a boost.

  • Taste, the convenience of consumption, and value for money were combined into a final rating of four stars. On the other hand, customer satisfaction and other rating categories were awarded three stars.

Other Multivitamin Brands


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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BioCeuticals, owned by Blackmores Limited, claims to be Australia’s top supplier of medicinal and nutritional vitamins. It is exclusively available to practitioners. To improve the quality of natural-based therapies, BioCeuticals provides what are referred to as “high-quality integrated medications” to healthcare professionals. 

The product line consists of several multivitamins that address issues, including allergies, cough alleviation, cognitive care, eczema, menstrual discomfort, and kidney function. With its ArmaForce For Juniors brand, BioCeuticals offers many solutions for children.


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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Bioglan claims to provide Australians with the most cutting-edge and compelling assortment of dietary supplements & organic products in the world market.

Numerous multivitamins are available from Bioglan, along with vitamins that promote early intellectual development, productivity, visual and cardiovascular health, healthy aging, and an active lifestyle. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of Omega 3 vitamins, arthritis treatments, a line of superfoods, probiotic supplements, specialised essential nutrients, and cold and flu treatments.


Best-Rated Multivitamins

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Elevit bills itself as Australia’s #1 maternal multivitamin, offering several products for women in all phases of parenthood, including those pregnant, about to conceive, and nursing. Elevit claims to provide vitamins to assist in meeting the higher nutritional requirements of women at different life phases, including those already having children. 

Additionally, it offers a line of supplements marketed at men’s fertility, promising to assist in preserving sperm health for couples preparing for a baby. Most pharmacies and supermarkets across Australia offer the Elevit multivitamin product.


Coles has reasonably priced multivitamins, including the Coles Vitamin B + C bubbly pills. It’s an orange flavour and costs $5. Supplements from Swisse, Centrum, Nature’s Way, Kynd, and Berocca are available. Swisse Ultiboost pills typically cost $10 a bottle, but Kynd supplements can cost up to $30 per bottle and include the number of tablets.

Do You Need To Take Multivitamins?

There is much discussion and investigation into whether products in the health sector can support their promises. Some studies suggest that vitamin supplements have little impact on preventing major cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease problems. 

This is in contrast to the fact that most supplements are designed to significantly increase your intake of vitamins and minerals without requiring you to introduce other greens to your diet. Therefore, multivitamins could be a helpful alternative if you’re just trying to reduce the number of sick days you take.

Multivitamins may not be essential if you already take supplements but weren’t given the go-ahead to do so by a doctor. Unless you do, you could be squandering valuable money. We believe you got a lot of help from this review if you’ve been looking for the best multivitamin option.

Nevertheless, you must be aware that the material in this post is not medical advice, and it’s not endorsing any drugs or other products associated with health. To pick the ideal vitamin supplement solution, please ask your doctor or pharmacist for help to pick the ideal vitamin supplement solution.

What the Experts Say About Multivitamins

Do dietitians recommend multivitamins?

Dietitians Association of Australia spokesman Tim McMaster, a certified practising dietitian, says: Humans were created to consume food and obtain nutrition from it. Eating a range of solid foods provides fibre, protein, lipids, energy, and antioxidants. This makes us feel full and satisfied and lowers the chance of developing chronic diseases.

Multivitamins and supplements have a purpose, but only for people who cannot obtain the necessary amounts from natural food. It could occur due to increased nutritional requirements (such as during illness or pregnancy) or an inability to ingest specific food types. Speaking with a certified practising dietitian who can offer advice on supplements or diet optimisation is recommended.

Check with your doctor for some assessments to determine whether you are vitamin deficient. Some vitamins can be harmful if ingested in excess due to the risk associated with overconsumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Multivitamins for Men and Women?

The top multivitamins for men, women, and the elderly come from companies like Nature Made, One A Day, Pure Encapsulations, and Ritual, according to dietitians, physicians, naturopaths, and nutritionists.

What Is the Best Iron-Free Multivitamin for Women Over 50?

Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin is an iron-free multivitamin that is ideal for women over the age of 50. Besides a concentrated dosage of vitamin B6, which many older women could be deficient in, it also includes digestible forms of vitamin B12, magnesium, folate, and some quantities of calcium.

What Vitamins and Minerals Are in a Multivitamin?

A large number of essential nutrients, such as the vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6, and B12, are present in each serving in amounts equal to or greater than the suggested daily intake. Along with CoQ10 and lycopene, the supplement includes a mixture of raw enzymes and probiotics.

What Are the Best Multivitamins for Prostate Health?

Numerous men’s multivitamins might potentially contain nutrients that are good for the prostate. They include Omega-3 DHA, folate, zinc, magnesium, boron, and vitamins A, B12, D3, E, and K.

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