Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

You may be wondering, like many couples attempting to conceive in the conventional way (through dick-in-vagina sex), what the optimum sex position is to conceive. Experts still don’t have enough evidence to answer this question with any certainty.

Sheryl A. Kingsberg, PhD, head of the Section of Behavioral Sciences at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and a Prof. of reproductive sciences and mental health at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, says, “There is hardly any science regarding what position is optimal for conception.”

It could just be a matter of logistics. Dr Kingsberg believes it’s challenging to study individual sex positions which could enhance fertility.

That’s because several other factors, like years of age and the time of the sexual intercourse (for example, having sex when ovulating boosts fertility), have a role in determining the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

However, certain sex positions may be more conducive to having a baby than others, even though little evidence supports this.

Keep reading to discover which sex positions may enhance your chances of getting pregnant and what you can do after having sex to improve those chances.
How Do I Get Pregnant in the Best Sex Positions?
You might have better luck having a baby if you try one of the following seven positions for sex. However, remember that what matters is maintaining an established routine to guarantee sex when you are most fertile.

According to an associate professor and reproductive endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Rochester, Jani Jensen, M.D., there is no statistically significant distinction between the pregnancy rates for individuals who engage in intercourse daily throughout the process of ovulation versus those that do it daily. “Besides, it can be a great hassle to attempt to have it every day.”
1. 69

1. 69

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What to do: Get your partner to lie face up. Then you should ascend to their peak and turn your back toward their upper half body.

You’ll resemble the numeral 69 this way, right? The other person’s mouth should align with your genitalia and yours with theirs. Alternatively, you could test it out side by side.

Reason to do this style: In the 69 sex position, both partners can provide and receive pleasure.

Make things hotter: The mouth-to-genitals action is certainly the highlight, but don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, too. If you have trouble focusing when your spouse puts the smackdown on you, a sex toy could be handy.
2. corkscrew
What to do: Rest your hip on your arm and your forearm on the edge of the bench or bed and squeeze your thighs against each other. Your lover stands behind you and straddles you, either grinding or entering.

The reason is that the firmer hold you get on the other person is possible during the thrust if you keep your legs pushed together.

Make things hotter by contributing to the momentum with a small hip thrust instead of waiting for your guy to work alone.
3. Face Off
What to do: While in the face-off position, you sit on the other’s lap, facing each other, while the other rests on the end of your bed or seat.

Why: In this sexual position, you have complete freedom over the depth and angle of your thrust and entry. It’s ideal for long sex sessions because sitting provides more support.

Make it hot by expressing yourself with the help of your hands and fingers. Once seated, you and your partner can place your hands everywhere on each other.
4. Doggy Style

4. Doggy Style

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What to do: If you and your partner want to hump each other like a dog, you’ll need to get down on all fours and have your companion kneel behind you while keeping the top of their body upright or somewhat draped on you.

This position is preferred because the G-spot is more easily stimulated, and deeper penetration is possible in this mating position.

Make things hot by stimulating your clit with your other hand or having your partner do the job for you with theirs.

Professional sex therapist and AnnodRight owner/head therapist Donna Oriowo, PhD, explains, “Temperature play is possible here, too!” To chill your spouse out, run ice down their back.
5. Pretzxel Dip

5. Pretzxel Dip

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What to do: Lie on either the right or left side with your other leg curled up and tucked under your companion’s left knee.

The further penetration of the doggy style and the ability to maintain eye contact makes this sex position so appealing. Another option is for your lover to grind up against you to stimulate your clit if penetration isn’t their thing.

If you want to turn up the heat, Oriowo recommends using nipple clamps or giving your lover an ice cube to rub on your nipples.
6. Flatiron
Here’s how to do it: Lie on your stomach with your legs straight and your hips slightly elevated.

Why: The close quarters of this sex position accentuate the size of your partner’s dick or strap-on.

Oriowo suggests nibbling or biting your companion’s shoulders or the sides of the neck to turn up the heat.
7. G-Whiz
Ways to Achieve Success: Put your feet on your partner’s shoulders and relax.
Why: The raised leg posture is a great sex position because it tightens your vagina and makes it easier to focus on the G-spot.

To turn up the heat, have your partner rock you back and forth or side to side. The strapon or penis should then make intimate touch to your G-spot.
8. Cowgirl’s Helper
Ways to achieve this position: You’ll kneel above your lover, pushing off their chest and gliding back and forth between their thighs, just like in the classic Cowgirl position.

As you rise simultaneously to meet each other’s thrust, your partner will help by bearing some weight and holding on to your thighs or hips.

Why: This is because climaxing in cow girl’s helper sex position is less taxing on the legs. Additionally, if you’re dealing with a man, female-dominant positions prolong his time to reach climax, which benefits both of you.

Make things hotter by alternating between deep and shallow thrusts to increase the heat and stimulate various vaginal regions.
9. Wheelbarrow

9. Wheelbarrow

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Ways to Achieve this sex position: Have them take you up using your pelvis as you’re on your palms and feet. The next step is to lock with their thighs and grab their waist.

Why: This male-favoured sex position provides a great arm workout and enhanced penetration.

Make things hotter by leaning on a nearby table or at the edge of the bed.
10. Leap Frog
Ways to achieve this sex position: This is a variant of the classic “dog” pose. Rest your arms and head on your bed while on your knees and hands with your hips slightly elevated.

Why: In this sex position, you can get greater depth while relaxing on a pillow.

Make things hotter by using your fingers to rub your clitoris.
11. Magic Mountain

11. Magic Mountain

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Ways to achieve this sex position: The other person sits with their knees crossed and leans back using their forearm for support. You mimic their actions and gradually approach them until you are touching them.

Why: For the simple reason that it will make you feel closer to each other. Maximise the pleasure by rubbing your clitoris on your partner’s genitalia.

Make things hotter by sliding ice cubes on their chest and then collecting the cold water at the lower part of their pelvis.
12. Cowgirl

12. Cowgirl

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Ways to achieve this sex position: As you push your partner’s thighs on your knees back and forth, you push off their chest. Lying back and resting on the other person’s thighs can help distribute your body weight and take the pressure off your pelvis.

Why: when you assume the dominant sex position, you postpone their climax while intensifying your own.

Make things hotter by leaning in or bringing your chest closer to increase the intensity. “Make changes to the pressure and depth by doing this,” advises Oriowo. Neck kisses and nipple play are great to incorporate when leaning forward.

She also suggests grinding in somewhat atypical directions every so often. Have a penchant for flip-flopping? Take some cues from pop musicians and sway from side to side.
13. Reverse Cowgirl

13. Reverse Cowgirl

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Ways to this sex position: Your spouse is on their back, and you’re straddling them with your feet together.

The appeal of the reverse cowgirl is that it allows you to demonstrate to your partner the tempo and rhythm you prefer.

Intensify the tension by inserting your knees and shins inside their legs and beneath their thighs for further leverage.
14. The Cowboy
To do this, have your spouse lie across your back. Your legs are only partially closed, creating a tight space through which they can insert their strapon, finger, or penis.

Why: The tighter it is, the deeper the penetration will go.

Add bondage action by having them play with your breasts or hold your wrists down. If you’re like BDSM, Oriowo says, this is a fantastic chance for mild choking. If not, your lover can use an available toy on the clit.
15. Ballet Dancer
Tips on accomplishing this: Turn to your partner while balancing on one of your legs, then wrap your free leg around their waist for support.

Why: This sex position is ideal for communicating and connecting.

How to make it hotter: If you’re particularly flexible, you can increase the intensity of the outercourse by placing the lifted leg on the other person’s shoulder for enhanced penetration or clitoral stimulation.
16. Missionary

16. Missionary

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Tips on how to accomplish this: Is it necessary for me to explain this? Okay. Get on your back and let them smush their faces into yours.

For this reason, the missionary position is easy to learn, looks great, and has many applications. Even though it’s vanilla, it tastes great.

You can make it hotter by simply adjusting the angle of your legs, which will profoundly affect the great sensation for the two of you.
17. Cross-Booty
Tips on accomplishing this: From the perspective of a missionary, your partner will enter you and slide their legs and chest off of yours until their pelvis lies in the same place, but their legs create an “X” with your own.

The reason is that with that sex position, you can get a better sense of your partner’s kinetic energy.

To make things spicy in the room, you might use this position to rub their butt, legs or back while thrusting. Both they and you, witnessing them, will lose their minds.
18. The Caboose
Tips on accomplishing this: Back into their laps as your partner sits on a chair or bed, and spoon passionately.

The fact that you cannot see the other person during this intimate position makes it easy to indulge in wild fantasies, which may only increase the thrill.

Make it sizzling by contracting the pelvic floor muscles so you may hold them tightly in place or rub their clitoris.
19. Scoop Me Up

19. Scoop Me Up

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Tips on accomplishing this: You should both get on your sides and face the same way. You raise your knees slightly, letting your lover enter behind the pelvic region. This sex position may be familiar to you as “spooning.”

Why: You’ll feel more stimulated because this sex position encourages more skin-to-skin contact.

To turn up the heat, have your partner touch or rub your shoulders and give you a deeper, more satisfying push.
20. Reverse Scoop
Tips on accomplishing this: Without breaking your missionary embrace, turn onto the side with your arms supporting your upper body.

Why: You can look at one another while getting a full-body press.

Make it sizzling by touching his privates or connecting both your legs.
21. Golden Arch

21. Golden Arch

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The proper technique involves sitting on top of your partner as they sit with their legs crossed and leaning back on their thighs.

Why: This position is ideal since you can admire each other’s physiques. You can adjust the thrusts’ intensity, rate, and direction in this position.

Have their hand or yours touch your clitoris to turn up the heat. To maximise stimulation of the G-spot, lean back further.
22. Seashell
Tips on accomplishing this: Get into the fetal position by crossing your ankles behind your head and propping yourself up on your hands and knees. They come at you all missionary-like.

Why: Because you can exercise your clitoris without using your hands. And rightly so.

Get the room heated by asking them to “ride high,” rub their genitals against your clitoris, “ride low,” or directly stimulate your G-spot by using the penis’s head, a dildo, a finger, or a strap-on.
23. Butter Churner
Tips on accomplishing this: They will squat over you while dipping their strapon, finger, penis, or strap-on into and out of your vagina as you lie face down on the floor.

Why? Because making eye contact is only half the reason. The increased blood flow to your brain will also make you feel even more intoxicated.

Make it spicier by asking them to drizzle chocolate syrup or another sweetener into the mouth (yes, seriously). Involving all of your senses enhances the whole thing.
24. The Chairman

24. The Chairman

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Tips on accomplishing this: You both sit near the edges of the bed, with your partner’s legs dangling off the side.

Why: This is a sex position that will stimulate your G-spot. You may use your fingertips to stimulate your clitoris, perineum, and scrotum in the process.

Bring your knees to your chest while resting your legs on your bed to spice things up.
26. Valedictorian

26. Valedictorian

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How to accomplish this: You can assume the “V” posture by extending your legs straight from the missionary stance.

Why: Because it improves vulval contact.

Make things spicy by clutching your ankles to turn up the heat. Stability and an extra stretch to heighten the experience are both potential perks.
27. Spork
How to accomplish this: To facilitate your partner’s entry, lie on the back and lift your right leg to a 90-degree position. You can control the extent of penetration by lying with the left leg bent or straight on the bed.

One method of entering from the back is to lie on one’s stomach and bow one leg while letting one’s partner slide in between the legs. Options!

The spork posture is advantageous because it lets you rest your raised leg on the other person’s shoulder. With your fingers in the spork position, you may easily excite your clitoris.

How to make things spicy: Breathe in unison to increase the intensity. You should take turns breathing in and out, with one person taking the lead. The synchronised beat introduces a language of touch without words.
28. Seated Wheelbarrow
How to accomplish this: Place your butt in your partner’s lap at the end of the chair or bed, and put both hands squarely on the floor. Extend your legs over their waist (it will be more effective if they hold your thighs) and start pumping your legs.

Why: This is because you can reach further into the target area while giving your arms a good workout.

Turn up the heat: If you want a powerful climax, try pressing your pelvic muscles rhythmically.
29. Table Top
How to accomplish this: You can do this on any flat surface, not just a table, at groin height for your partner. Ensure you’re seated or reclining on the end of the counter, table or bed when they come in.

Why: This setting is ideal for direct interaction, after all. This solution is perfect if your heights differ because it levels both of you.

To amp up the heat, try putting both feet against their chest before your partner’s shoulders. You’ll have complete command over the speed and intensity of your thrusts.
30. Champagne Room
How to accomplish this: You sit on your spouse while you both turn your backs to each other.

Why: To control the speed and power of your thrusts.

The steps or the end of the bathtub might make it hotter. Talent is required, but as the saying goes, “practising makes perfection.”
31. The Om
How to accomplish this: Your partner assumes the yoga or pretzel position while you are on their lap, turned to them. Support one another by wrapping your legs around theirs and hugging.

Why: It is the best for tantric sexual encounters. The secret to this intimate position is rocking, not pushing.

To turn up the heat: Hold each other’s gaze for an extended time to add emphasis to the number
32. Upstanding
How to accomplish this: Your partner should keep your knees unlocked and your legs slightly wide while straddling them by locking your limbs around their waist. You don’t have to break the connection between you and the bed by getting up!

Why: Because this is the starting point for every sizzling love story.

Make it even heated by having them carefully push you in and up against the wall.
33. The Spider
How to accomplish this: Draw your legs up to your chest and lean back on the bed for support. Next, climb onto their strapon or penis as a pair.

Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, your knees should be bent, and your feet should be level on your bed outside the hips. Give a little sway to the left and right.

Why: Because you can watch the main event without breaking eye contact.

Spice up the game by grabbing the other person’s hands and pulling yourself into a squat as they lay back. Or they can stay seated and get you into the Lazy Man position, where you rest against their chest.
34. Good Ex Position
How to accomplish this: Put your legs up on the head of the bed and sit looking at each other. Your partner and yourself are supposed to intertwine the right legs on the other legs. Gather in tandem, so your partner can squeeze into you.

Now, lay back with your partner, crossing your legs. Don’t push into each other. Make slow circular rhythms instead.

Why: Because long, leisurely sex increases the excitement. If your partner has a penis, shallow thrusts trigger the nerve endings at its head.

Grab hands and pull together to perform a pelvic thrust to increase the heat. Keep the beat going strong by taking turns sitting up and reclining down.
35. The Lazy Man
How to accomplish this: Let the other person sit in bed with their legs spread wide and place pillows behind their back. (Do you own a sex pillow? Flex it!) With your feet on your bed, straddle your partner’s waist.

You can ease yourself onto them by bending your knees and guiding the strapon or penis in with one hand. By applying pressure to the soles of the feet and letting go, you may easily ascend and down the shaft at your own pace.

Why: This is because being on top gives you power and keeps the closeness levels high. Use their strapon or penis as a masturbation tool by rubbing it and pressing it against your clitoris.

To turn up the heat, you may fall back into the Spider posture from here or try the more difficult Good Ex.
36. “Snow Angel.”
How to accomplish this: Have your lover straddle you while both of you lie on your back. Raise your pelvis by wrapping your legs around your partner’s back. Get hold of their butt and pull them upwards and back. Give your hand a gentle massage while you hold on.

Why? Because you can see their adorable butt in all its glory. Furthermore, you can easily stroke their balls or clit in now girl position. Their pelvis is also in an ideal position for grinding against your clit.

How to make things hotter: Spinning them around missionary style so they’re facing you as they struggle to maintain insertion will up the ante significantly. Then you should reverse roles, climbing to the top with your back to them.
37. Wrapped Lotus
How to accomplish this: Climb into your partner’s lap while facing them and wrapping your legs over their back. Engage in a pelvic grinding session by inviting your lover into you.

Why: This position is ideal for intense face-to-face communication. There is a lot of area for experimentation in that position, particularly when it comes to stimulating the various erogenous regions on the top bodies of the partners.

To turn up the heat, have them lick or suck your nipples and give them free rein. Continue to wander…continue to wander.
38. The Snake
How to accomplish this: Get on the stomach and let the other person do the same, sliding in behind you.

Why: This position’s deep penetration and close contact can be incredibly satisfying for both partners.

Make things spicy by adjusting the positioning of your ass or reaching back and wrapping your hands around their shaft to influence how deep they go.
39. Woman Astride
How to accomplish this: The position is similar to that of a cowgirl, with one key difference. To enter with your companion, you must first climb to the top. Create an angle of 45 degrees with the other person’s legs by leaning back and placing both hands on your bed for support.

Why: Altering your angle improves your ability to hit your G-spot and provides you more command over the intensity of your thrusts. In addition, your spouse can easily access your clitoris.

To make it spicy: Improve your “V stroke” by helping yourself out: Position the ring and index fingers of the other hand in a V shape, with the penis in the middle, on one side of the clitoris. Repeatedly rock your fingertips down.
40. Stand $ Deliver
How to accomplish this: While standing, bend at your waist to let them in, and they will do the same.

Why: To tighten the vaginal walls and increase friction, bending over while in the stand and deliver position is beneficial.

Make it more exciting by having your partner’s free hand tease your clitoris or loosely binding your hands with a silk scarf.
41. The Art of Coital Alignment
How to accomplish this: Wrap the other person’s calves with your ankles and rest on the back to sleep. After that, use them to draw your spouse in.

Why: This posture enhances your sexual enjoyment by bringing the other person’s dildo or penis closer to your clitoris.

To turn up the heat, take things slowly so you can exchange nasty looks and gazes with your partner.
42. Masturbation between Partners
How to accomplish this: To enjoy each other’s company while masturbating, select a comfortable place across from, adjacent to, or across from each other.

Why: This is because showing another person how you experience pleasure alone makes reciprocal masturbation among the more intimate activities possible, even if it doesn’t strictly qualify as a position.

Add some spice by letting your partner dictate how to touch or urge yourself if you’re looking to relinquish control.
This position is entirely for your private enjoyment.
43. Belly-down Position
What to do: Get on your stomach and interlace your fingers or palms. Move the hips upward and downward and close your legs so the pubic mound and clitoris rub on your tightly clasped fingers.

Why: This is because it provides a high level of pleasure with no effort.

You may turn it up to eleven by adding to any rear-entry positioning, such as the Leap Frog or Flatiron.
44. Bubble Fun
How to accomplish this: First, give yourself a rubdown at the water’s surface with your entire body submerged and your legs hanging out of your bathtub.

Why? Because soaking in a warm tub filled with fragrant candles and bath salts does wonders for relieving stress and anxiety while simultaneously setting the scene.

Add a watertight vibrator to create waves, or use your shower’s removable head (the “pulse” setting is my recommendation). Constant water flow on the clit can be very enjoyable.
45. View and Learn
How to accomplish this: Sit on a chair, prop up one leg on the couch or bed, and reach across to grab a mirror. Now that you’ve got access to your clit or penis, it’s time to expand your erogenous horizons beyond your clitoris.

Use your fingertips to feel around the vaginal opening, inside, and posterior wall for comfortable pressure.

Why: It may appear simple but it gives you a fresh perspective. If you’re among the many women who can only orgasm in a single position, learning a new approach to cum may help ease your frustration.

Use your preferred sex implement, or have your lover slide it in from another position, like the Butter Churner, to turn up the heat.
46. Circle Perk
How to accomplish this: While seated, “map” a circular shape around your clit with your finger. Based on your response, you should begin slowly and build up pace and pressure.

Why: For ladies who find prolonged stimulation from direct clitoral pressure uncomfortable, this masturbation maneuver is ideal.

Turn up the heat: Done with the letter “O”? If you’re bored with the same old feeling, try tracing the different rhythms around your clit.
47. Couch Grind
How to accomplish this: You can also use a thickly folded towel or blanket to ride the edge of the desk or table. Begin with a slight hip motion and gradually increase speed.

Why: If you enjoy constant, firm stimulation on your clit, this is the thing for you.

Are you feeling a touch too “American Pie” about it all? Have your partner come back at you and grab your arm using your thighs. Don’t worry about breaking anything, though.
48. To the G-Spot
How to accomplish this: Bring your thighs up to your chest while lying on your lower back. Put two or one fingers inside your vagina and press down. Curl the tip of your finger seductively as you pull it out from your urethra and vagina.

Why: At initially, you may sense a want to urinate when using this motion; however, after a few sessions of practice, you should feel a warm, incredible sensation instead.

To spice things up, try this position with one leg bowed to the chest and the other extended.
49. Tap Dance
How to accomplish this: Spread your legs apart and rest on the opposite side. Hold the labia tip outwards using one hand and dab a little lubrication on your clit with the other. Then, tap softly on it with your free hand.

If you find the stimulation too intense, try tapping instead, as it can produce strong sensations quickly.

Tap harder or quicker to experience a variety of heat levels. See how long you can go without asking your spouse to join the fun.
In conclusion
Pregnancy is easy to achieve with any form of unprotected sex. However, having more encounters at optimal times will increase your chances of success.

If you and your spouse can’t conceive immediately, try not to put undue stress on the situation. It may take a while to conceive a child, especially if you’re in your 30s or older.

However, you should consult a medical professional if you’ve been attempting for a while and still don’t have a baby bump.

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