Best Workout Wear in Australia

Best Workout Wear in Australia

Why not work out in clothes that will keep you supported and fashionable no matter where you do your workouts—the gym, yoga studio, beach, or even your living room? Activewear is now a legitimate subset of the fashion industry, so you no longer have to wear your old t-shirt and high school basketball shorts to the gym.

Many Australian companies provide innovative, high-performance apparel that is also visually beautiful. These are the most significant Australian sportswear companies, from athleisure influenced by street fashion to high-performance gear that will have you working up a sweat in style.  

Best Workout Wear in Australia

The realm of Australian sportswear extends well beyond the Lorna Jane conglomerate. Have we got your choices, whether you’re ready to get your tuckus back into the gym or looking for clothes that can survive strenuous walks and runs?

The gyms will soon be open for enthusiastic exercisers, and we have alternatives for those who can’t wait to get back on the treadmill or would just want to change into something more comfortable than their baggy old trousers. 

Want something cozier and less formal? Browse the most reputable retailers of Australian lounging apparel.


1. Bondi Active

Bondi Active

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This brand’s tights and crops are made from a material that will make you feel good about wearing them since its patterns are produced with recycled fishing lines and water bottles. 

Fits that would appear in the right place on anybody who decides to jog the Bondi to Coogee trail are included in this collection, conceived and raised in Sydney and created with fitness in mind from Australia’s unofficial outdoor training capital. 

Density knit fabric will keep you covered during squats, lunges, and leaps, while its quick-drying, four-way stretch, fit compression construction helps smooth and support the body.


2. Nimble Activewear

Nimble Activewear

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This Australian company, which has its headquarters in Sydney but also has a retail location in Bondi, was established in 2013 by two friends who were best friends. 

Their goal was to develop high-quality sportswear that was comfortable to wear so that customers could enjoy “picking, pulling, and adjusting-free workouts in on-trend pieces.” 

This environmentally concerned-company even manufactures garments from recycled plastic bottles. 

If you check out The Iconic’s recycled collection, you can find products made from MoveLite fabric. 

This fabric is created from recycled plastic bottles that are melted down, turned into yarn, and knitted into clothing. Some of these products are only available in the recycled collection. These pieces can be found on The Iconic. 

The end product should be very smooth and easy to walk about.


3. The Upside

The Upside

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This athletic business creates stylish pieces that are functional for the gym goer with its roots firmly planted in Sydney. 

The most recent collections include light and airy items with a subtle vintage flavour and draw inspiration from the coastal environment. 

These pieces are ideal for weekend vacations and brunch dates after early morning jogs along the beach. 

In addition, there are physical locations of The Upside located at Bondi Junction, Miranda, Mosman, and Macquarie Centre. 


4. Exotica Athletica

The leggings created by this Australian sportswear and more firm are becoming more popular due to their bold fabric designs and the wide variety of sizes they provide, from XXS (size 4-6) to XXL. 

Plenty of monochrome items in their form-fitting line, such as rise-waisted bottoms to cinch you in and ‘booty scrunch’ shorts for boosting derrieres if you’re not interested in patterns like hypnotic skulls, leopard print unicorns, and tropical motifs. 

If you want to coordinate with a little person, we now have a kids’ selection in addition to the usual booty shorts, bra tops, and baggy shirts.


5. Kate Galliano

Kate Galliano

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This forward-thinking local business is overflowing with chic, pastel, and soft monochromatic outfits that look ideally home in a paparazzi image of Kim Kardashian getting a salad with a disgraced sister as a staunch power stroll along Bondi Beach. 

This is because the ensembles are sleek, pastel, and soft monochrome. 


6. Rockwear


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This business was founded in 1991 by a group of forward-thinking fitness instructors in Queensland and is one of Australia’s first sportswear businesses. Products are designed to “lift the barre” and hold up to the most challenging workouts. 

Tights, shirts, and other fitness apparel are available in various fabrics to meet your specific demands, including a wide choice of sports bra designs designed for varying exercise intensity.




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This company, operating out of Australia since 2007, is known for its high-quality, street-style utilitarian apparel. The Rep fabric, developed by LSKD, is used to construct several of the clothes; tights are offered in three different cuts to provide a snug yet comfortable fit. 

This label has you covered for activewear, regardless of gender, with a wide selection of women’s, men’s, and unisex clothing. LSKD’s Project Earth program is another step toward the company’s goal of ecological sustainability. 



This business company is a lifestyle brand focusing on performance clothing that can be worn in any setting. With headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, ECHT has expanded its international reach and serves clients in more than 50 countries.  

It was started by Jeremy Lay ECHT in his bedroom in 2014; the company has since expanded rapidly and is now a significant player in Australia’s fitness apparel market. The core principles of Quality, Utility, and Performance are the cornerstones of ECHT’s success.

Their mission at ECHT, which we sum up as “Engineered for the Modern Day Athlete,” is to provide athletes with limitless apparel options that are as comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting as they are versatile.


9. D+K Active

D+K Active

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This company isAustralia based, and it wants to revolutionise eco-friendly product development. Its multipurpose clothes are ideal for both the gym and casual wear. 

It has its headquarters in Brisbane, where it produces its ethically made products, is powered by solar energy, and it is deeply committed to ethical manufacturing practices. The company is pleased to announce that its factory satisfies all Australian requirements for the production of apparel in an ethical manner.

It was founded by dk active in 2017, intending to inject the sportswear market with a dose of ethics and diversity. We are always learning and adapting to keep the brand at the forefront of sustainability and diversity as it expands. 

Treating one’s body kindly is crucial, and we advocate for physical activity as self-love rather than a demeaning chore. We aim to keep you feeling at ease no matter what type of activity you choose to include in your healthy lifestyle.


10. Under Armour

Under Armour

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Performance is at the heart of everything Under Armour does.  The business began by designing a single T-shirt that offered players a definite competitive edge, and in the end, it has revolutionised how players dress.

Today, innovation is both the heart of the company and the key to executing the Brand’s Vision, inspiring you with exceptional solutions you never realised you needed. Still, you can’t fathom being able to live without it.


11. Lululemon


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This business brand was founded by Canadian yoga instructor Chip Wilson in Vancouver in 1998. In November of 2000, on West 4th Avenue in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, what had begun as a design studio by day and a yoga class by night expanded into its own freestanding business.  

Its main goal was to make its shop more than just a location to buy workout clothes; it wanted it to be a gathering place for those interested in fitness, wellness, mindfulness, and expanding their horizons. 

Also crucial was getting to know their customers personally, discovering their favourite ways to work up a sweat, and sharing in their triumphs. Its shops throughout the world now provide this service.

The first offerings catered to yoga attire for females. With the help of some guests, ambassadors, and top athletes, they’ve refined their designs to accommodate a wide range of sweating activities, like yoga, running, cycling, training, and more. Their designers are also active persons who understand the value of hard work and sweat.

Their commitment to fostering an environment that promotes leadership, goal-setting, and personal responsibility and equipping individuals with the means to do so has remained steady. 

Quality, product, honesty, balance, entrepreneurship, excellence, and fun are at the heart of the company’s culture, and its employees embody these values daily.

The company has also created a life that makes us happy. For this reason, it is not uncommon for us to have accomplished most of what we set out to do a year ago.




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When it comes to running shoes, ASICS is by far the most popular option for both casual runners and elite athletes throughout the globe. Whether it’s a marathon, the Olympics, or just a run around the block, ASICS is the shoe of choice for runners everywhere.

ASICS has achieved progress outside of the running industry. The innovative ASICS Rugby and Football collection feature injury prevention technology. These principles have served the firm well since 1949.


13. PUMA


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Our lives may be improved and made more potent via the power of sport. Given that we are one of the most well-known sports companies in the world, it is only reasonable that we would want to compete on an equal footing with the world’s quickest athletes.

To do this, the PUMA brand was developed on the fundamental principles that define an outstanding athlete.


14. SMAI

SMAI is an industry leader in martial arts, sports, and fitness machinery.  You have found the proper location to get a uniform or equipment for a combat sport.

So that athletes may concentrate on reaching their most significant potential, this brand is dedicated to giving them the best possible items at the best possible prices, backed by the best possible service.

The company’s founders in Wollongong, New South Wales, started making karate costumes and punching bags in their garage in 1985. The business puts its clients first in all they do; therefore, it expanded its inventory to meet its demands.

After more than three decades, SMAI has become a household name in the sports industry.

SMAI has become Australia’s largest martial arts and fitness equipment provider, with exports to over 65 countries.

They have over 3,000 goods in store to meet the needs of everyone, from international fitness franchises to military installations to brand-new fitness centres to athletes of all skill levels.


15. Speedo

Do you have to go out on the water? You have not been exposed, thanks to Speedo.

Speedo, the most popular swimwear brand in the world, is very enthusiastic about everything in and around the water.

The company’s primary goal is to get more people swimming, and one of the ways we plan to do this is by promoting swimming as a healthy activity. Their programs range from teaching people how to swim to encouraging them to swim for fitness. 

Since Speedo was born in and around Bondi in 1928, the brand has always been connected to the ocean and swimming pools. The business has swimwear and equipment for all ages to participate in water sports. 


16. Two Tags

TwoTags has become one of Australia’s most popular and rapidly expanding fitness companies from its bedroom origins.

This expansion results from customers’ unwavering dedication to making unique, high-quality gym clothing that will delight consumers.

You won’t be able to see through their high-quality, squat-proof fabrics and the leggings’ snug, form-fitting design.

The company’s high-waisted leggings with side pockets have won several awards and are among the finest in the business.

They look great, but you can now carry your phone, wallet, or keys in the additional side pockets as you work out.

You should not spend an arm and a leg on workout clothes if you don’t want to. Consequently, we provide high-quality, fashionable, and colourful garments at much lower costs than the industry standard.

Thanks to AfterPay, you may obtain what you want while spreading the cost over numerous convenient payments.


17. Proviz

This workwear is high-visibility training clothing that won’t break the bank.

Proviz is one of the most forward-thinking sports companies in the world; it has won several international awards, is sold online throughout the globe, and is available in 40 different countries. 

The premium British brand is well-known for its chic designs, cutting-edge technology, and high-quality materials; it also offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of increased visibility and reflective sports gear. 

It all began on a 2008 London commute for two brothers headed to corporate employment. The everyday bike ride was when they first saw the shortcomings of the goods they and other commuters were using. 

They saw a need for cutting-edge cycling gear to illuminate riders and make them more visible. 


18. Boody

Boody is an ethical apparel business based in Australia that produces daily basics for soft and comfy working out and lounging. Bamboo viscose is used to manufacture its gorgeous, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly sportswear created in Australia.

The goal of the Boody brand is to create products that are comfortable and may help you feel good about yourself. It provides women’s, men’s, and children’s essentials such as bras, briefs, bikinis, thongs, loungewear, activewear, and accessories.

The WRAP accreditation holds the company to the highest standards of lawfulness, ethics, and humanity in the workplace. In addition, every single piece of bamboo used in its manufacturing originates from FSC-accredited and sustainably managed forests.


19. dk active

dk Active is a sportswear brand created in Australia that aims to alter the game by designing ecologically consciously. Solar energy is used to power it, and firmly emphasises ethically conducting itself.

dk Active is committed to minimising its effect on the environment and complies with all of Australia’s criteria for manufacturing ethical clothes. Since 2017, the apparel firm has prioritised promoting equality and diversity in the sportswear sector.

Sustainable textiles like organic cotton, bamboo viscose, regenerated nylon, and modal created from renewable resources produce dk active’s apparel. Its vegan products are proudly made in Australia and have received approval from PETA.


20. Elle Evans

The swimsuit and sportswear company Elle Evans is manufactured in Australia and focuses on creating beautiful attire that is good for you and the earth. 

The company is committed to being environmentally conscious; thus, all its products are hand-crafted on demand in Queensland, Australia.

Since 2013, Elle Evans has been providing individuals who are concerned about the future of fashion with athletic clothing that is inexpensive, stylish, ethical, and environmentally responsible. 

The label only employs textiles that have been recycled or salvaged and do not cause any damage to any animals.

The materials are reclaimed from several types of garbage, such as fishing nets, fabric remnants, carpet flooring, and other industrial plastic from seas and landfills.


21. Vege Threads

Vege Threads is an ethical apparel business that makes stunning sportswear domestically in Australia using organic and eco-friendly fabrics and dyes in limited quantities. Their products are produced in tiny numbers.

The ethical and transparent management of the supply chain is a priority for the Australian-made fashion line. 

It does this by collaborating with local knitting mills and dye houses to bring together community members with similar values and an interest in sustainable practices.

Vege Threads is a company constantly working to improve the quality of service it provides to its clients and the environment. It produces reasonably priced, long-lasting, functional, and elegantly designed leggings.


22. BAY Active

BAY Active is a brand of ethically produced activewear, yoga wear, and fashion created in Australia using organic fibres. 

BAY Active is an Australian-made sportswear company. It provides fitness garments that are both economical and environmentally friendly since they are manufactured from organic and regenerated fibres.

The Byron Bay, a sportswear and yoga firm, also works with fashion brands to repurpose excess materials that would otherwise be destined for landfills via a collaborative initiative.

BAY Active aims to design and manufacture the most comfortable, high-performance yoga and activewear possible. 

It provides classic fashion essentials in ethical and accredited conditions, safeguarding the people and the world.


23. Active Truth

Active Truth is an Australian-based brand of ethical sportswear that aims to increase its customers’ confidence by using its products. The company thinks that the sportswear market owes women more.

Workout clothing, such as high-waist compression tights, leggings, blouses, and sports crops, are manufactured by Active Truth. These garments are meant to be economical, sustainable, and size-inclusive.


24. Sunrise At Bondi

Sunrise At Bondi is an activewear company based in Australia that caters to men, women, and children of all ages and encourages them to lead more active lifestyles by providing a variety of swimwear and sportswear created in Australia.

Sunrise At Bondi is an activewear business to be uplifting, genuine, and enjoyable for everyone. The sensation of the dawn at Bondi Beach serves as the creative source for the company’s lively and vibrant swimwear and leggings.


25. The Ten Active

The Ten Active is a brand of activewear that was created in Australia and offers a curated, one-of-a-kind collection of maternity clothes that are both fashionable and functional. 

It makes training garments designed to stretch with your body as it changes.

Comfortable clothing designed for active parents and moms-to-be is available from The Ten Active. 

It uses recycled and environmentally friendly woven textiles derived from recycled fishing nets and post-consumer to construct its clothing, manufactured in Australia and Cambodia.


26. Thread Harvest

Thread Harvest is an Australian e-commerce site that sells some of the best ethical clothing lines for men, women, and children from around the globe. This function allows you to shop for the things that are most important to you.

Since 2014, this online marketplace for ethical fashion has been selling Australian-made sportswear, clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags, and accessories at reasonable prices.

You can make a difference in people’s lives and the world at large by influencing the fashion industry by shopping sustainably and ethically. Thread Harvest is a B-Corp that strives to provide excellent products and services.


27. Well Made Clothes

Well Manufactured Clothes is a curated collection of Australian fashion businesses that are manufactured using ethically sourced materials. Local, ethical, and environmentally responsible sportswear for men and women is offered here.

The online marketplace in Australia aims to provide fashionable, comfortable, and protective apparel for people and the environment.

It highlights designers and businesses who are committed to ethical business practices by reducing waste via manufacturing that is local, fair, sustainable, and free of animal testing.

You may learn about the fashion business and ethical labels at the website Well Made Clothes. It provides you with everything you need to make educated selections about the products you want to purchase.


28. We Dash Love

We Dash Love is a sustainable and ethical online marketplace based in Australia that provides eco-friendly sportswear for women and men created in Australia from sustainable textiles. The marketplace is called We Dash Love.

The mission of the Internet shop is to usher in a more moral era of consumer culture. It supports a new generation of savvy consumption while demonstrating concern for the world and its inhabitants.

We Dash Love is an ethical and ecological apparel brand that focuses on creating beautiful, simplistic pieces that can be worn year-round. It gives out 5% of its monthly sales to charitable organisations.


29. Pink Punk Active

Pink Punk Active is a children’s and women’s activewear brand hand-crafted, created, and manufactured on the Gold Coast in a home design studio by an Australian company called Pink Punk Active.

Super vivid hues are featured over the leggings, shorts, and shirts found at the lively sportswear shop produced in Australia. 

They are ideal for ladies who have an active lifestyle and like activities such as going to the gym, practising yoga, dancing, swimming, or surfing, and who also have a playful side.


30. Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums is an activewear business based in Australia that designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind training leggings and other sports gear to empower those who wear and produce them.

Dharma Bums is committed to ensuring its beneficial effect in the broader world. The breathtaking ambience and beauty of the Sydney beaches, where it is headquartered, serve as a source of creativity for the company.

Dharma Bums creates performance works that mould and compress with every move you make. 

These sculptures are manufactured in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner. It encourages customers to choose solutions that benefit society and keeps businesses accountable.



NIMBLE is a brand of high-performance apparel for women that was made using environmentally friendly materials. 

It provides a superior assortment of leggings, tanks, shirts, trousers, tights, sports bras, shorts,  and outerwear for women. Other items in the mixture include tights and shorts.

NIMBLE guarantees the utmost flexibility and mobility while providing support in all the appropriate areas. 

Its line of ethical sportswear will quickly become your go-to selection for high-intensity workouts at the gym, yoga, pilates, and runs, as well as for days when you just want to relax.

NIMBLE is committed to a sustainable future and constantly explores innovative approaches to lessen the company’s adverse environmental effects. 

It makes its sportswear in Taiwan using recycled plastic bottles, while the designs are created in Australia.


32. Indigo Luna

Indigo Luna is a women’s sportswear and swimwear business headquartered in Australia that is conscious of its environmental impact. It is known for the ethical production of straightforward clothing influenced by Scandinavia’s mindful aesthetic.

The ethical clothing brand is a small, family-run business prioritising quality,  eco-consciousness, transparency, and sustainable production techniques. These values are reflected in the products that the company produces.

Made from recycled or organic materials, the stunning collections designed by Indigo Luna include straightforward forms, natural tones, and plant-based dyes. 

It is committed to minimising its impact on the world and maintaining strong environmental and social norms.


7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Gym

Finding the right fitness centre is like dating all over again. By taking the time for introspection, preparation, and research, you’ll be well on your way to finding a potential soul mate (at least in terms of this essential part of your fitness journey).

Always be sure that the gym you choose is the most excellent option for you and your training objectives before committing significant time, money, and energy to it. 

While suggestions from trusted sources like internet review sites or personal acquaintances are a great place to begin, there are a few more factors to consider before making a final choice.



Location is the most critical factor. You need to decide if you need a gym near your house for a lunchtime cardio workout or closer to your business. You’re more likely to attend and get more for your money if you make it easier. Location and gym hours go hand in hand. It will only work if it fits into your timetable.



You’re free to evaluate a book based on its cover or inside. A drive-by won’t do since it’s difficult to notice a gym’s features from the outside. Visit the interiors for yourself, preferably at a time of day when you might consider going. 

What are your first thoughts? What do your gut feelings tell you? Note the design, number of gym patrons, cleanliness, etc. 

Cross everything off your list that jumps out to you as something you can’t live with or view as a problem. Your tour guide can answer questions, so feel free to ask them.



An evaluation considering the whole fitness centre personnel may need to be fairer. Please inquire about the staff credentials, or at the very least, find out if there is a person you can contact to answer your more general asks about fitness. 

The personnel plays a vital role in establishing the atmosphere of the gym.



One of the primary draws of joining a gym is access to the facility’s assortment of exercise machines. You must have a solid understanding of the tools you need now and those you could consider using in the future. 

While touring the facility, make a mental note of the equipment offered, the general condition of the equipment, and the number of the most popular components, such as machines, squat racks, and treadmills.


Services and Amenities

If you learn best by direct observation and guidance, consider hiring a personal trainer or attending one or more group exercise classes in addition to your routine.

At some gyms, amenities such as locker rooms, baths, saunas, and the like are considered luxuries. Confirm the accessibility and the cost, if there is one; before you put your name on the dotted line if any of these items are on your list of things you really must have.


Fine Print

There is a wide range of pricing schemes available at gyms. Verify a few things about the fitness centre after finding one within your financial means. 

Do they charge any extra costs on top of the membership payments, such as an annual servicing of equipment fee that is slapped on or cancellation charges if you decide to terminate your membership? Is there a fee associated with taking a class or two if you wish to do so?

In this regard, you want to ensure there are no unexpected occurrences. Paying more money unexpectedly might leave a sour taste in your mouth in addition to causing financial strain on your finances.



It may be easier to get a sense of the kind of people that work out at a gym just by touring it unless you seek a facility that caters to a specific demographic. 

You may be spending a significant amount of time at the gym each week; in any case, you want to ensure that you’re working out in an inviting, comfortable, and encouraging setting so that it will only make you desire to return and again.



Australia has a broad selection of premium exercise clothing alternatives to meet the demands of any fitness enthusiast. 

Due to the growing popularity of fitness activities, there is a greater need for fashionable and comfortable training clothing, and Australian businesses have risen to the occasion.

The alternatives are varied and plentiful, ranging from well-known companies like Lululemon and Nike to locally produced companies like P.E. Nation and Nimble Activewear. 

These companies provide a variety of activewear, such as leggings, sports bras, shirts, and accessories, all of which are made to be as comfortable, flexible, and fashionable as possible.

Australia has the best fitness apparel, whether you favour high-intensity or low-impact exercises like yoga. 

Australian exercise clothing manufacturers will keep you looking and feeling fantastic throughout your fitness journey because of their dedication to quality and innovation.

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