Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

However much we wish that our friends could join us in our fitness goals, most times is when they are not interested. However, when they are unwilling to work out with you, you could still tag them along at the gym to see what happens there, and they may be interested. 

Although not all gyms allow you to tag friends along, Anytime Fitness will let you bring your friends and exercise together anytime you wish. 

What are the charges for tagging friends along? What’s the maximum number of friends you can tag along? Let’s find out. 

In this article, we will answer all the common questions you might be having and also break down the rules and policies that Anytime Fitness has. Therefore read to the end.

Can I Tag My Friend Along to Anytime Fitness?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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Of course! Anytime Fitness allows you to tag your friends while going to the gym. They can come as guests to watch you work out or have a gym experience.

Although Anytime Fitness is flexible to friends, you must meet several rules and qualifications to tag them. 

First of all, you can only tag a friend along when there is staff working there. Violating this policy could even cost you your membership; the rule protects the safety of your guests and other gym users. Different gyms have different staffed hours, but the most common times are evenings when most people get off work and mornings before most people get into position. 

However, if you are not sure of the hours your gym has staff members, ensure you contact your club to find out before bringing your friends along. Although if you are a frequent gym user, you will likely already know when the gym is staffed. 

As mentioned above, if you try to sneak a friend in during those illegal hours, you risk a fine, or a membership revoke at the club. Hence, if you plan to tag a friend along, ensure you bring them during the staffed hours. 

Then make sure they first pass by the front desk for registration. The registration at the desk is a short process that requires them to have an ID with a valid photo like their driving license; ensure they carry it to the gym.

Because Anytime Fitness has no childcare, the staff don’t allow kids into the facility because they will be unsupervised the whole time, which can be fatal. 

However, some gyms allow teenagers as guests. Therefore, find out your guests’ age requirements from the reception or on the Anytime Fitness website. 

What Is an Anytime Fitness Guest Pass?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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A guest pass is a card that allows non-members to access and use the facilities at the club. The duration for which the key is valid varies from club to club, but most allow up to one week’s trial. 

Clubs have these offers to allow non-members to try out the facilities at the gym before they officially sign up for the gym. It’s to give them a taste of what signing up would be like. 

Will I Pay Extra to Bring a Friend to the Gym?

Various clubs have different regulations. Therefore, find out the rules for tagging with friends from your club.

Some clubs will require you to pay an extra amount depending on the number of your guests. At the same time, others give free passes to bring your desired number of guests.

You should call the Anytime Fitness close to you and consult if your club charges for guests. They will also give you any extra information or requirements you need to meet before bringing guests to their facility.

Does Anytime Fitness Give Free Guests Passes?

Yes. Anytime Fitness is among the clubs that offer free guest passes.

The free guest pass is the perfect opportunity to try out facilities at Anytime Fitness for free before you commit long-term to their services. Getting a free key is easy, and signing up takes a very short time. 

What Are the Guest Pass Policies at the Anytime Fitness Clubs?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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You must meet a few requirements to bring a friend to the Anytime Fitness Center.

First, you must bring your friends during staffed hours because your guests must sign a form as an additional security measure for the safety of the members. 

Secondly, each club is different, and so are its policies. Therefore, before committing to bringing your friends to the club, contact your customer care service for information about the charges. 

However, because most clubs do not have childcare facilities, you cannot bring your children as guests. However, contact your club to find the minimum age because some clubs allow teens. 

There are also single-entry passes for guests who don’t sign up for the 7-day free trial.

How Can I Acquire my Anytime Fitness Guest Pass

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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Here are the two ways you can get your Anytime Fitness guest card:

  1. You can refer a signed-up member
  2. You can pick one from the club

Although they look like easy processes, both ways have some procedures that you must follow to qualify for the guest cards. 

You can apply online or physically visit the club for the free Anytime Fitness Guest pass.

Here is the online process:

  • Search “Anytime Fitness Free Guest pass” and click on the “here” writing.
  • You will be redirected to the page where you’ll need to fill in details like your name ( first and last), phone number, email and date of birth.
  • You’re then required to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Fill in the zip code, then click next. 
  • Choose the club that is in your area.

That short process is all you need to follow to qualify for your free guest pass. However, you can still physically visit the club and apply for the guest pass. 

Most of the free trials range between a few days to a week. However, when you physically visit the shop, you can negotiate for more extended trial periods, depending on how well you deal with and the exercise plan you select. 

That is the process of getting an Anytime free pass. However, if you’re interested in complimentary access, you can ask a club member to invite you to the club, which then gets you complimentary access. 

Do All Clubs Have a 7-Day Free Trial Period?

The number of free trial days varies from one club to another. Some clubs offer 5 to 6 or 7 free days trials, while some have two or 1-day free problems. However, the 7-day free trial at Anytime Fitness is the most common.

Most Anytime Fitness clubs in town have a seven days free trial period. However, the exact number of days differs with each Anytime Fitness club.

In addition to the free trials, some discounts come with each season. Contact customer care to learn more about the free discounts. They can also offer a one-month free trial if you meet their requirements.

Can I Bring a Guest as an Anytime Fitness Member?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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Yes, you can bring friends and family of the right age if you have signed up at the club for the long term. The number and policies regarding guests vary with each gym, but generally, all Anytime Fitness gyms allow you to tag along with friends to the gym.

You should always reach out to customer service at the gym to find out the exact number of guests you can carry to the gym.

Are There Any Extra Advantages of Having a Free Trial Guest Pass?

Several benefits come with having free trial passes that allow guests to try out the gym for free as they decide to commit long-term.

Here are the most common ones:


The best part about Anytime Fitness Clubs is that you can access them anytime, meaning you can easily add gym time to your schedule. It’s the perfect opportunity for people who are balancing personal businesses, work and still need time to work out. 

Access to Equipment

Using a guest access card allows you access to the gym anytime you desire and to use the facilities you want. There is no limitation to the kind of weights to use, meaning you can use weights, cardio machines and strength-building equipment all for free. 

As a visitor, the tryout period allows you to feel out about the gym and the facilities and decide if that is the place you want to sign up for in the long run. 

Expert Advice

All Anytime Fitness clubs have professional trainers who will provide you with all the necessary guidance as you work out. Anytime you need help working out a particular exercise or help to create a diet program, the professionals are always willing to help you and walk you through the journey. 


Anytime Fitness Gym makes you feel like you’re part of a group where you can share your fitness journey and the challenges fitness comes with. Having people around you can ease your fitness journey and help you remain focused. 

No Obligation

The best part about the free trial is that it isn’t a must for you to commit long-term to the club. While enjoying the free trial, your primary focus should be checking if the gym is your best option by y analysing the gym’s equipment and staff to see if they align with your goals.

Hence, before you commit to any gym, you should get the trial pass and see if the gym is a fit for you. Among the things you should check are the following; Facilities, the gym community and the staff.

Does the Guest Pass Have Any Limitations?

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Although being at the gym on a guest pass is pure bliss, Anytime Fitness still has some restrictions and regulations you must adhere to. Here are a few of them;

  1. Time is restricted: depending on the gym you have signed up for, there are time limits that you must adhere to, ranging from one to seven days. Once that duration is over, you must either sign up at the gym or quit going to the gym.
  2.  Limited access to some facilities: some gyms will not allow you to use some equipment or facilities if you are on the trial period 
  3. The number of times you can visit is limited: although this does not apply to all gyms, most clubs will restrict the number of times you can see in a day. However, these limitations vary with the different locations.
  4. Accessibility: you might not be allowed to use the gym on a guest pass when the gym is packed. 

Although there are benefits to using a guest pass, the majority of the extra help, like discounts or free training sessions, are only accessible to members only. Therefore, you should always consult with the gym or read the terms of the guest pass for information on the contract to avoid trouble from the management.

How Do I Make Use of My Anytime Fitness Guest Pass?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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A guest pass is a card or a key that non-members on a free trial use to access the gym for a limited time. To apply for the Guest pass, visit the Anytime Fitness website or use the facility. You can also ask a gym member to invite you to the facility.

You must fill in your details, after which the staff will let you begin your free trial. While at the gym, ensure you carry the necessary attire, water bottle, towels and shoes to have an easy time there. 

Are There Location Limitations When Using an Anytime Fitness Guest Pass?

Ideally, you can only use the pass for a short period, usually one week. Your guest pass is valid only where you registered for the card. However, some Anytime Fitness gyms allow the guests to use the cards in the various clubs as long as they are within the franchise. 

We recommend that you seek more information about card transfer at the gym where you registered your card or contacted an Anytime Fitness representative for information. The reason is that they are in a much better position to list the clubs you can transfer your guest pass on.

Most gyms will restrict you during peak seasons or when the gym is packed.

Are Guest Passes Added With the Membership

Not in every case. Whether the gym pass is added to the membership depends on the gym you are signed up for. The most convenient way to check if your membership includes the guest pass is by contacting the Anytime Fitness gym for consultation. 

In most cases, the staff will have the updated membership details and any additional information you need.

Must I Have a Guest Pass To Work Out at the Anytime Gym?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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Yes. To exercise at an Anytime Gym as a guest, you must have a guest pass. However, you can sign up at an Anytime Fitness near you to enjoy more privileges that come with membership. 

To sign up, visit Anytime Fitness near you and sign up for various options. You can choose a monthly contract, annual membership, or more extended options. 

However, before you sign up, you can apply for a free trial at an Anytime Fitness gym near you to see if the gym fits your goals. However, unlike an official sign-up, the free trial is short, and in some cases, it might have limitations depending on the gym you have signed up at. 

You can check out the Anytime Fitness websites or visit the club physically to know the various options you can choose and their rules and policies.

Is a Guest Pass at the Anytime Fitness Gym Expensive?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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Generally, a guest pass is free, as it’s meant to allow you to test the gym and see if it fits your needs before you sign up. However, some locations will charge for the guest pass, which is quite common too. 

While most gyms have a 7-day policy, the number of days you can use your guest pass depends on the gym you have signed up for. To know the number of days the Anytime Fitness gym near you offers a guest pass, visit their website and make an inquiry or visit physically walk in at the reception and ask.

However, note that although the Anytime Fitness gym guest passes are the best option if you want to try out the gym, you cannot substitute it for a membership contract that allows you to use most of the facilities at the gym.

Do Anytime Fitness Gyms Allow an Extension of the Guest Passes?

It depends on the gym you acquired your guest pass. While most of the Anytime Fitness gyms allow some extension of the guest passes of a day or two, there are no those with a strict no-extension policy. 

To find out your gym’s category, visit the Anytime Fitness Club or inquire online.

However, if you intend to use the gym regularly, sign up as a member instead of trying to review your guest pass, which might come at an extra cost.

Can I Sign Up as a Member After My Trial Period Is Over?

Once your trial period ends, you can apply for an official membership at the Anytime Fitness gym. Most Anytime Fitness gyms offer special offers and discounts for guests who upgrade after the guest pass expires. 

To join, enter the Anytime Fitness gym and fill in the details at the reception. They will tell you more about the various options you can choose from as a member, their costs and advantages. 

Note that a membership form is a contract you are signing, and the terms are valid until the contract expires. Therefore, you should read and understand the policies before you commit to the agreement to avoid future problems with your membership. If you don’t understand the contract, ask the receptionist to avoid making commitments you don’t understand.

Can I Cancel My Anytime Fitness Guest Pass?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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The terms of cancelling your guest pass can vary from one gym to another. 

However, Generally, you cannot get a refund or transfer your guest pass. To learn more about the policies regarding your guest pass, visit the gym or inquire online. Sometimes, you can schedule your key for a later date, while in other cases, the gym will ask you to surrender your pass fully. 

Therefore, before you commit to the Anytime Fitness gym guest pass, you should review the terms and policies regarding your key to avoid future problems or surprises at the gym.

Will I Be Charged for Tagging a Friend Along at the Anytime Fitness?

In most cases, you will not be charged for tagging a friend to the gym. Most of the Anytime Fitness gyms allow you to tag along with the same friend as often as you want to the gym. However, each Anytime Fitness gym is governed by different rules and policies. 

Therefore, it’s best to inquire from the reception about the rules for bringing friends and whether they charge.

Can I Sneak a Friend at the Anytime Fitness Gym Without Informing the Staff?

Although the staff might not immediately notice you when you bring a friend, eventually, they will. It may look like an innocent mistake, but in some cases, it can cost you your membership or attract a fine.

Additionally, Anytime Fitness gyms insist that you only tag along with your friends during staffed and off-peak hours for the safety of other members. Therefore, when you bring them, ensure they register at the reception to avoid the consequences of violating policy.

Must I Have an Invite From a Friend or Family to Access the Anytime Fitness Gym?

Can You Bring Friends Into Anytime Fitness

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You can still visit the club even if you don’t have a friend or relative at Anytime Fitness. However, you must apply for a guest pass that will give you access to the facilities on a free trial basis. 

While most passes are valid for a week, some are only valid for a few days or longer than a week; you should visit a gym with a guest pass policy that best suits your goals. 

While in most cases, the guest pass is free, in some cases, you will be charged some amount to access the gym. Therefore, always consult at the reception or inquire online to seek more information about the guest pass policy of the Anytime Fitness gym you intend to visit. 

Bottom Line

You can access the Anytime Fitness gym in several ways without signing up as a member. First, you can get a complimentary pass when your friend or relatives invite you to tag along to the gym, or you can get a guest pass that allows you free trials before you commit to the gym as a member. 

If you are a member of the Anytime Fitness gym who intends to tag along a friend when working out, ensure you talk to the management and follow all the rules required to avoid penalties. Make sure you only bring your friends during staffed hours. 

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