Good Life Fitness Prices In 2024

Good Life Fitness Prices

When it comes to fitness in Canada, Goodlife is everyone’s choice. They have more than 300 sites nationwide and continue to enjoy huge popularity. They are renowned for their adaptable membership policies, fitness courses, and training plans, as well as their top-notch equipment, which includes cardio, free weights, and strength equipment. 

In addition, GoodLife Fitness offers some of the most affordable memberships in the nation, making it possible for you to get the ideal membership at the perfect price. So there is no need to search further than GoodLife Fitness for individuals seeking a top-notch fitness facility in Canada that won’t break the bank.

With the ever-growing number of various gym memberships, there might be an excessive amount of additional charges. However, GoodLife Fitness’ prices are as low as possible.

Two tiers are available from GoodLife Fitness. Choosing a monthly membership is the first option. It costs $60 a month without additional fees, so living near a fitness club is advantageous. Free cancellation is also included.

You can access any nation’s clubs with a premium monthly plan. There aren’t many additional fees for this service; the cost is merely $70 a month. As a result, this is ideal for people who live close to several centres, allowing for flexible access, or for individuals who travel the country but still want constant access to all the excellent services offered. Again, there are no cancellation costs for this membership.

Additionally, there are amazing GoodLife Fitness rates for annual subscriptions. Many people choose to pay their fees all at once. There are no additional costs or fees for the opportunity to do so. Costs $715 for the fundamental annual membership with one club access. Then, the premium membership will only cost $840 for full club access. The costs at GoodLife Fitness are reasonable.

This post will walk you through the price of a GoodLife Fitness membership and other financial information. Therefore, continue reading to determine how much you must pay for GoodLife Fitness programmes and other benefits.

Fitness Guest Pass

The GoodLife Fitness Guest Pass stands out from the competition and is an excellent method to dip your toe into the fitness world because many people must know how appropriate it is for them. These individuals have a perfect chance at hand. They can benefit from a seven-day pass that offers a glimpse of what GoodLife Fitness is all about.

The GoodLife Fitness Guest Pass offers incredible benefits, including free fitness sessions, a 20-minute complete body workout, free orientation, and more. All you must do is, fill out the required information—including your name, email address,  postal code, and phone number. 

Once your free pass has been activated, one of the staff members will contact you to inform you. You have seven days to try out all the great equipment. The fitness facilities offer a wide variety of services.

You must have been without a GoodLife Fitness membership for 12 months to qualify for this offer. As a result, each user is only allowed one pass, which has a 7-day duration. Canadians have long favoured GoodLife Fitness as their gym of choice.

With more than 250 clubs across Canada, GoodLife Fitness provides a wide range of membership alternatives for those with various fitness aspirations and financial constraints. Choose the one that works best for you, then work out in one of their inviting gyms.

Concerning costs, GoodLife Fitness has a range of membership rates that depend on your club location and plan, with the cheapest membership options being under $30 biweekly. Accessibility and membership benefits also differ from plan to plan.

What Is the Cost of Goodlife Fitness?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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You can choose from various gym membership packages GoodLife Fitness offers to find the one that’s right for you. 

The fundamental membership at GoodLife Fitness is the most basic plan. It typically has an initiation price of $99.99 and a monthly fee of $29.99 to get you started. 

However, you might only get access to some of their facilities with the basic membership, and you can only visit your local club. You will, of course, have access to all their weightlifting tools and other standard amenities. However, you won’t get access to cutting-edge facilities with this membership. 

In addition to this package, certain clubs might offer a little more expensive essential+ membership. The biweekly membership charge for a GoodLife Fitness club with an essential+ membership is $29.99; in such circumstances, the essential membership is even more affordable.

The GoodLife Fitness premium membership stands right above the basic membership. This is the bare minimum package required to access all 250 of their clubs is this one. The most apparent benefit of this plan is access to all 250 clubs, but there are also other benefits. 

You can sign up for the GoodLife Fitness premium membership for a biweekly cost of $31.99, but you will also need to pay an initial $99.99 to get your membership started.  

The GoodLife Fitness ultimate membership comes next, and as the name implies, it is the best membership option offered at most facilities. This plan provides even better amenities, such as more sports and saunas.

You can get the GoodLife Fitness ultimate membership by spending $99.99 as the initiation cost. After that, your biweekly expense will be $36.99. 

Some clubs additionally provide the “GoodLife Fitness performance membership” in addition to these programmes.

You get even better benefits and amenities as a result. The performance plan differs from other plans in that there is typically no starting charge and no obligation to sign any contracts or commitments. 

However, as you might anticipate, the bi-weekly cost for the performance membership is more expensive than the other plans at $54.99 per week. But this plan is an excellent choice if you don’t want long-term commitments.

You can freeze or end your membership in any of the above-discussed schemes. However, each club’s policies will determine the costs and guidelines for doing so. You can speak with them directly to find out more about this pricing.

Additionally, you must pay a membership termination fee if you want to discontinue your membership before the end of your commitment time. 

GoodLife Fitness provides an On-Demand subscription option for people who don’t want a club access membership. You’ll receive exercise videos and online lessons from them. You can exercise while staying in the comfort of your home by listening to their instructions.  

For the On-Demand membership, the biweekly payment is $6.99; there are no further fees, such as an initiation or cancellation fee. 

Additionally, a variety of programmes, like corporate membership, are provided by GoodLife Fitness. Corporate memberships are a fantastic opportunity to take group classes at GoodLife Fitness with coworkers. 

If you work for an organisation that has a relationship with GoodLife Fitness, you can purchase a corporate membership. You may enjoy discounts with your business membership and group classes. For detailed pricing information, speak with the club directly. 

Further, GoodLife Fitness occasionally offers tempting discounts and deals. You can contact them or visit their website to learn more and take advantage of those deals. 

Is Goodlife Fitness a monthly subscription?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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No. GoodLife Fitness usually doesn’t operate every month. There is a possibility that some clubs will offer month-to-month subscriptions, though. Therefore, contact them directly if you’re seeking a month-to-month membership. 

GoodLife Fitness Promotions & Savings

Attractive offers and discounts are available from GoodLife Fitness occasionally. Initiation fees and other expenses are significantly reduced during seasons like the new year and summer. They typically start their teen fitness programmes on July 4th. 

Additionally, they provide discount codes and coupons that can be used to lower the cost of GoodLife Fitness memberships. 

Another option for getting a cheap GoodLife Fitness membership is through corporate membership. If you are a member of one of the organisations they partner with, you can sign up for corporate membership. 

Can I Use My Membership At Any Goodlife Fitness Facility?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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You can visit any of their clubs with a GoodLife Fitness Ultimate, Premium or higher-level membership. They currently operate over 255 clubs across Canada.

You can only attend your local club with a GoodLife Fitness essential membership. Can my GoodLife Fitness subscription be frozen?

Your GoodLife Fitness membership may be frozen for up to six months annually.  

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel Goodlife Fitness Membership?

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel a Membership at Goodlife Fitness?

You must pay a cancellation charge if you decide to stop your GoodLife Fitness membership before the end of your commitment period. 

Each club has a different cancellation charge due to their unique policies. According to some reports, you can only freeze your membership at the gym for a maximum of six months at a fee of $10 per month. 

Cancelling a Goodlife Fitness membership: is it difficult?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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Members can easily terminate their memberships at GoodLife Fitness. You can take any of the following actions to end your membership with GoodLife Fitness if you are already a member:

  • You can ring their official number, i.e. 1-800-387-2524
  • Write to [email protected] with your request. 
  • Alternatively, you can talk to them at your neighbourhood GoodLife Fitness Club.

Additionally, most GoodLife Fitness facilities need a 30-day notice period before cancelling a membership. Because of this, remember that you must submit your request 30 days in advance, especially if you have a committed membership. 

The price of a GoodLife Fitness On-Demand Plus membership

You can use their On-Demand Plus subscription for fitness videos and other features by spending $6.99 every other week. This subscription has no initiation fees. 

Additionally, if you belong to one of their regular clubs, you may acquire the On-Demand Plus subscription for free.

How Much Does a GoodLife Fitness Membership Cost?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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How much does it cost to join GoodLife Fitness?

The cost of your GoodLife Fitness membership is determined by several variables, including the plan you choose, the location of the club, and the length of your membership. Below is a list of the projected costs for GoodLife Fitness memberships:

  • GoodLife Basis Plan $24.99 — $29.99 monthly 
  • GoodLife Plus Plan: $59.99 – $64.99 monthly
  • GoodLife Family Plan: $134.99 – $139.99 monthly 
  • GoodLife VIP Plan: $79.99 – $84.99 monthly 

It’s essential to remember that the listed costs are subject to change and may differ depending on the club’s location.

What elements affect the cost of a GoodLife Fitness membership?

A number of elements can affect the price of a GoodLife membership, including the kind of plan chosen, the club’s location, the membership’s length, the season when you sign up, and the existence of discounts or specials. Let’s go into more detail on some of these points:

  • The type of plan you choose: GoodLife provides multiple membership packages to meet various needs and preferences. Depending on the plan you select, the cost of membership may change. For instance, they might provide several membership tiers with various advantages and access levels. Plans with more benefits or access to exclusive locations and programmes may cost more than basic membership plans.
  • Location of the club: The location of the particular club may impact the cost of a GoodLife membership. Multiple GoodLife clubs are located in various towns and areas, and the price may change depending on the state of the local economy. In general, clubs in wealthier or more populated areas may charge higher membership dues than those in less populous or economically diversified areas.
  • The length of the membership: GoodLife has memberships with a range of terms, including month-to-month, yearly, and multi-year agreements. You’ll often get a cheaper fee if you sign up for a more extended membership period. Since monthly subscriptions allow for more freedom and don’t need a long-term commitment, their costs are frequently higher.
  • When you join for the membership: Throughout the year, GoodLife may run special promotions that are time- or season-specific promotions. For instance, they may offer discounted fees while opening new clubs or during the holidays. You can obtain a membership at a lower rate by registering within these promotional times.

It’s essential to remember that different GoodLife clubs and geographical areas may have different price policies and discounts or special offers. It’s advisable to contact GoodLife directly or to check their official web page if you want to find out current and correct information regarding membership costs.

How Can I Terminate My Membership With GoodLife Fitness?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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Here are the steps to take to cancel your GoodLife Fitness membership.

  • Contact the customer care department: Addressing GoodLife Fitness customer care in person, on the phone, or via email will allow you to cancel your membership.
  • Include your membership details if you contact customer service to end your membership: You need to provide information about your membership, including your name and membership number and the reason you’d like to cancel your membership.
  • Review the cancellation policy: There are unique cancellation regulations at GoodLife Fitness, and they change depending on the sort of membership you have and how long your contract is. Before deciding to cancel your membership, make sure to read these policies.
  • Fill out the cancellation form: You might need to fill out a cancellation form depending on your member category and the reasons you wish to cancel.
  • Confirm cancellation: Once you’ve completed the cancellation process, call GoodLife Fitness to confirm that your membership has been terminated and that you won’t be responsible for additional instalment fees

It’s crucial to remember that, depending on the terms of your agreement, charges can be associated with terminating your membership. Before deciding to cancel your membership, ensure you know the rules and costs.

How Do I Become a Member of GoodLife Fitness?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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You can sign up for a GoodLife Fitness membership online or at any gym. You must submit fundamental information, including names, emails, and contact data.

Additionally, you must choose the membership option that best meets your needs. After selecting a plan, you must provide payment information to finish the sign-up process.

Cost per month for GoodLife Fitness

The monthly cost of GoodLife Fitness solely relies on the plan you choose. In addition, GoodLife Fitness invoices twice weekly. The cost of various forms of GoodLife Fitness memberships, which you can effectively pay each month, is as follows:

  • Essentials of Goodlife Fitness: $59.99
  • Goodlife Fitness Premium: $63:99
  • Goodlife Ultimate Fitness: $73.99

The cost of the entry-level membership is $99. A $99 initiation fee is available. Your biweekly fee is $29.99 after that.

Various clubs may charge a different biweekly rate. Some facilities offer a GoodLife Fitness basic membership for as little as $20 monthly.

Visit the club’s website or contact them directly for additional details on the actual cost or to find out about Membership alternatives.

How Much Is the Initiation Fee for Goodlife Fitness?

Most GoodLife Fitness membership types have an initial fee of $99.99. In general, this is the same everywhere. For example, the Goodlife Fitness Performance Membership has no starting fees compared to alternative plans.

Is GoodLife Fitness on a Monthly Basis?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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No. Typically, GoodLife Fitness does not offer month-to-month memberships. There’s a chance that certain clubs offer month-to-month subscriptions. Contact them personally if you’re interested in an annual subscription.

Can I use my membership at any GoodLife Fitness facility?

If you have a GoodLife Fitness membership, you can use any of their locations in Canada. This implies that you may work out wherever it best fits you—at home, close to your place of employment, or even while on the road.

There are more than 400 GoodLife Fitness locations nationwide. It’s simple to find a gym close to your house. You can work out whenever suits your schedule because some facilities offer 24/7 access.

Be aware that exact services and amenities differ depending on the setting and location, so it is better to speak with the business you want to visit if you have questions regarding certain services.

Can I Cease Or Terminate My Membership at Goodlife Fitness?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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Yes. GoodLife Fitness gives customers the choice to freeze or temporarily halt their memberships. This is useful for people on vacation, recuperating from an illness or accident, or otherwise unable to work out in the fitness centre.

Call the customer service line for GoodLife Fitness or stop by your neighbourhood club to speak with a representative to suspend or freeze your membership. Remember that a fee may be associated with freezing or suspending your membership.

Additionally, there can be a time limit on how long you can freeze your membership. To fully understand the freeze and suspension policy, it is essential to read through the conditions and terms included in the agreement.

Do GoodLife Fitness memberships include any additional costs or hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees or charges for GoodLife Fitness members because they are upfront about what they charge.

It is essential to remember that there can be additional costs for particular services like access to top-notch facilities or personal training. The charges are typically clearly stated and made public to help you make an informed choice about whether to use the services offered.

To ensure you know the whole cost of your membership, you should also routinely review your membership agreement and bills. Never be afraid to ask GoodLife Fitness customer support for help if you have any worries or enquiries concerning fees or charges.

Can I Give Someone Else Access to My Goodlife Fitness Membership?

You can transfer your GoodLife Fitness membership to a different person, yes. To make this possible, a few requirements must be met. The individual you would like to transfer your membership to must first be a Canadian citizen and not already a member of GoodLife Fitness.

The membership plan must also be in good standing and at least six months old. There must be no unpaid balances, and the payments must be made on schedule. You must visit your neighbourhood GoodLife Fitness Club and speak with a membership representative to start a membership transfer.

They will provide you with the membership transfer form, which must be completed and signed by you and the membership recipient.

What Are the Reviews Saying About the Cost of Membership at Goodlife Fitness?

Good Life Fitness Prices

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Reviews of GoodLife Fitness are usually favourable regarding the club’s amenities and offerings. According to some reviewers, the membership cost may be on the higher end of the price range.

The gym offers a range of discounts and specials throughout the year, and many reviews note that the quality of the amenities and equipment is worth the cost.

While some reviewers may feel that the price is a bit higher compared to most local gyms, most reviewers believe that GoodLife Fitness provides good value for the money.

Do Goodlife Memberships Pay Off?

Your goals for improving your health, personal tastes, and financial situation will determine whether you should purchase a GoodLife membership. The Essential membership illustrates a cost-effective membership that provides access to all GoodLife workout facilities, amenities, and classes.

Members of the Performance membership level can access various facilities and programmes, including towel service, swimming pools, tanning beds, saunas, Hydro Massage, squash courts, and MindDen rooms on demand.

One must compare their goals with the price of a gym subscription. GoodLife is a fantastic option if you want to join a gym without going broke but still have access to various workout facilities and basic equipment.

Are There Difficulties In Cancelling a Goodlife Fitness Membership?

A GoodLife Fitness subscription can usually be cancelled with no difficulty. Contact their customer service department via phone, email, or in person at any of their locations to cancel your membership anytime.

If a new member is dissatisfied, GoodLife Fitness also provides a 10-day cooling-off period during which they can cancel their subscription, and you can receive a full refund.

It is very important to remember that there can be a cancellation fee if you decide to terminate your subscription before the period of your membership officially begins.

Suppose you have any questions or concerns about terminating your membership. In that case, it’s generally a good idea to read the complete terms and conditions of your contract and get in touch with GoodLife Fitness customer support.

Prices and Perks for the Goodlife Fitness On-Demand Plus Subscription

Good Life Fitness Prices

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A subscription to the On-Demand Plus programme gives access to challenging workouts. Every two weeks, there is a $6.99 payment for the subscription. You can access workouts and fitness programmes through this subscription from any location, enabling you to reach your fitness objectives wherever you are.

The exercises are made to be difficult and efficient so that you can notice results and improvement over time. The subscription also gives you access to tools and support to keep you inspired and on track as you progress with your fitness.

Fitness Goodlife Guest Pass

One way GoodLife Fitness welcomes new members is through guest passes. With these guest tickets, anyone can check out the club and its amenities before joining. The cost of a visitor pass varies depending on where you are and the type of pass you choose.

However, it typically comes with access to the fitness centre, group exercise sessions, sauna, swimming pool, and hot tub.

These passes are a fantastic way to get to know the GoodLife community, meet qualified trainers, and determine whether the club suits you before you commit to a membership.

Cost of a GoodLife Fitness Personal Trainer

Based on their education and experience, personal trainers at GoodLife Fitness are divided into different levels. If you work with a more experienced trainer, individual sessions will cost more.

Levels I, II, and III trainers are paid $60 per hour as a base rate. The information and abilities these educators need to conduct their professions are quite basic. Even if they hold a personal training certification, it might just be basic, and they might not have the same experience level.

The cost for trainers at levels IV or V is significantly higher, costing more than $85 per hour. This collection of educators is more knowledgeable and skilled than its competitors. They can be more qualified and experienced. The fitness professional is more qualified to support you in achieving your goals.

Researching a trainer’s background and reputation is essential before signing up for a session because not all trainer certificates held by GoodLife staff carry the same weight in the fitness industry. Lastly, it’s a good idea to ask for recommendations before deciding.

Final Words

The above costs are what GoodLife Fitness charges at most of their clubs. Prices should generally fall within the previously specified range, though you might find some variations at various clubs based on their amenities. 

Additionally, you can learn more about specific prices and current promotions and discounts by visiting their website or contacting your neighbourhood GoodLife Fitness club.  

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