How to Order Sex Toys Discreetly Through Wild Secrets and Other Australian Adult Toy Shops

How to Order Sex Toys Discreetly Through Wild Secrets and Other Australian Adult Toy Shops

Adult shops are like entering a magical land for adults.

The vibrant hues, revealing garb, and mind-blowing vibrational devices! However, visiting an Adult Store is only for some. This is especially true during Covid, which has led to a surge in the popularity of online adult stores.

Shopping for sex toys might make us feel more exposed than other types of shopping; therefore, it’s only reasonable to place a higher importance on discretion than usual. In today’s world, many aspects of our identities are digitised and can be available to many parties.

For instance, adverts tailored to your interests and previous online behaviour are popular. Therefore, you may feel especially vulnerable when shopping online for something as personal and private as sex toys.
The 30 Best Couples’ Sex Toys
1. Adam and Eve

1. Adam and Eve

Image Source- Instagram

Most people appreciate the wealth of information available on this website, from the dictionary selection that clarifies the purpose of some of the less apparent products to the amusingly named “vibrator wizard,” a questionnaire that might help you determine which device is best for your needs. Adam & Eve provides everything you want, from a simple dildo to a buzzing penis ring.
2. Lovehoney

2. Lovehoney

Image Source- Instagram

Lovehoney has come a long way since it was founded in 2002 regarding product quality and customer service. Lovehoney isn’t just about selling sexual products; we want to make your sex life exciting and joyful. The store’s founders had the notion of creating a more positive image of sex toy shopping to attract female customers.

You can find everything from toys to lingerie to lubricant to love eggs here.

The availability of plus-size underwear has allowed women of all body types to feel comfortable and attractive in intimate situations. You may save a lot of money by going to the Lovehoney website.

They have great deals, a podcast devoted to sexual pleasure, and a selection of recommended sex toys.
3. PinkCherry

3. PinkCherry

Image Source- Instagram

Even though they sell erotica under brand names like Satisfyer, the employees at this website understand that not everyone has a deep background in the genre. You’ve been thinking about trying something like beads, but you’re hesitant to spend money on a set you might not use.

The Beginners’ area is designed to be user-friendly and features a wide selection of low-priced toys, many of which cost less than $10. There are a lot of choices here, with 384 distinct kinds of lubricants and lotions for sexual use.
4. Spencer’s

4. Spencer’s

Image Source- Instagram

This storefront staple has entered and conquered the sex toy-centric online gift market. The site is straightforward to navigate, with tabs offering everyday items like bondage and vibrator gear and more unusual ones like blueberry neck spray for sexual pleasure and female arousal gummies.

Spencer’s has many dance pole sets, so you’ll find one that fits your needs and budget. If you’re new to sex toys, the site’s well-written blog can help you learn the basics or intricacies of whatever sex activity you’re interested in before purchasing.
5. Amazon
Amazon is a great place to buy sex toys because of its anonymity. You may shop for various toys at various pricing points, and your order will arrive in a few days.

You may quickly scan Amazon’s many stores to find the one that sells the racy toys you’re looking for and then customise your selection depending on the percentage of stores that have received five stars from customers.
6. Saks Fifth Avenue

6. Saks Fifth Avenue

Image Source- Instagram

Get some of the most sought-after toys from well-known companies such as Lelo, Smile Makers, Dame, Maude and more now at Saks Fifth Avenue. Their LELO Vibrator is renowned as the best in the Australian market and shines regarding clitoral stimulation.

Add this personal lubrication to your shopping cart as well, as it was developed especially for use with silicon condoms and sexual products.
7. Anthropologie
Businesses like Smile Makers and Dame coexist with smaller companies like Le Wand, founded by a sex educator. Many of their goods, like the Le Wand Baton Vibrator, have exceptional designs.

Miniature devices like the Seed Vibrator and more extensive options like the Pleasure G-spot device are available from the London-based company Coco de Mer. They can be bought at Anthropologie in chic leatherette zip instances. You should get one of these toys on your next Anthro shopping trip because they are always on sale.
8. Lelo

8. Lelo

Image Source- Instagram

Their cutting-edge technology is the main attraction; for instance, the Enigma features a dual-vibrating stimulator that targets the G-spot and the external and internal clitoral areas.

And for a more gradual and intense climax, there’s the Sila, a “sonic clitoral stimulator” that uses a buzzing vibration to stimulate a larger region of the clitoral ridge than other clitoral neural stimulation. The sex-fantasy film videos on this site are funny, and the “how to use” illustrations are also excellent.
9. Maude

9. Maude

Image Source- Instagram

The essential vibrators and skincare items sold here are a hit among minimalists. The sleek flutter-tip Vibe is constructed of platinum-grade silicon, has three super-quiet rates, and recharges through a nearly invisible slot in its side, just like the palm-sized Drop.

The spot is a five-speed P- and G – spot internal vibrator installed on the line. Maude’s pink-pepper perfumed bath salts and other self-care items place sexual health squarely in the wellness sphere, which is interesting. Thankfully, none of their playthings will get damaged by the water.
10. Smile Makers

10. Smile Makers

Image Source- Instagram

This one-brand internet shop is a cross between Pinterest and an erotica handbook. The visuals and text here do a fantastic job of explaining and selling each item. As an illustration, consider the Tennis Pro.

Before inserting it to stimulate your G-spot, you can use the “ergonomic G-spot vibrator” to apply pressure to your clitoris with the tennis ball-shaped head. Brief and surprisingly uncreepy animation and accompanying text explain that “the G-spot is a zone on the vagina’s outer wall where it comes into touch with the insides of the clitoris.”

The Ballerina is a palm-shaped stimulator that acts as a part of your hand if your hand is made of soft silicone gel and never gets cramped. The new Whisperer is a bullet-shaped vibrator explicitly created for new mothers eager to return to sexual activity.
11. Dame Products

11. Dame Products

Image Source- Instagram

The visual attraction and sexual allure of a weekend at a trendy hotel by the beach characterise this website that a woman started. The sex toys that Dame creates are both innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Quartz, lavender, jade, and blue are some colour options; you may find it hard to put them away after using them. The Eva is the standout of the bunch since it’s a little hands-free vibrator with flexible arms that tuck between your outer labia and hold the buzzing component against the tip of the clitoris during penile intercourse.

But this plaything has facilitated my reflective investigation of the internal and external sources of pleasure. There’s also no danger: you can return the item within 60 days for store credits, and the billing and delivery will be kept private.
12. Unbound

12. Unbound

Image Source- Instagram

Waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and perfect for giving, the toys produced by this company come in a rainbow of colours. The 7.5-inch Unbound Bender, a bendy toy with ten vibration speeds, is another fantastic tool. It’s part of the Best Sellers Gift Set alongside a Puff suction vibrator and a bag with two zippers for easy stowage.

The Erotic Escape Set includes a Pep vibrator that’s only three inches tall, three ounces of jelly lubricant, a tote bag, and a 30-day subscription to the Dipsea app, which has sensual tales and private guided experiences.
13. Velvet Thruster
The Velvet Prime, a brilliantly coloured thrusting dildo, may be custom ordered from this store to meet your every need. It comes with a recharged base in one of four hues, a choice of five different nozzles, and the option to add on an additional play grip, a long-reach handle, or an adhesive wall mount. Prefabricated versions, such as the compact Teddy and the G-Spot-

oriented Nanci, are also available.
14. Babeland

14. BabelandImage Source- Instagram

This online retailer was founded in 1993 in response to a scarcity of female-friendly sex shops in Seattle. Since its inception, it has expanded to include many physical locations and a vibrant online centre.

Users may peruse insightful and instructive writings on topics like gentle sexual products, app-controlled equipment, and “Rimming 101.

“A couples’ toy, such as a strap-on set, will encourage you to do new things in the bedroom, and this Magic Wand will make you feel completely pleased anytime you need a little solitude.
15. Verishop
Australians have positively received the mainstreaming of sexual health. The Cherry Emojibator, a charming red massager, is now available alongside other fashion trends like bold earrings and broad-leg trousers.

Besides products by Emojibator (the makers of that Cherry sex toy), you can find organic lube by Goodparts and an aromatherapy candle scented with jasmine and neroli at Verishop. Deliveries won’t come in bulky boxes that scream “sex toys inside!” because this is a clothing or lifestyle store.
16. Lovers
When structuring their websites, many online erotica retailers get bogged down with the conventional “men” and “women” groupings. Still, Lovers gets right to the point with verticals like “Vibrators,” “Sex Toys,” etc. The Womanizer 2.0, found in “Pulsators,” is made to stimulate every mucosal tissue nerve.

The Shameless Fling is a thruster, a sort of vibrator that is popular among high-energy individuals; it can provide up to 850 half-inch sweeps per minute, which makes it sound like it should be called the “Aimless Hurt.”
17. Good Vibrations
Sound Vibration is a great place to browse for toys if you already know the specific type you want. It includes two interchangeable silicone tips and six distinct levels of intensity.

The Companion Remote Vibrator is an excellent choice for a couple’s gift. Wearing this item during a meal or foreplay will spice up your sexual life. The website also has tips and counselling from Dr Carol Queen, a renowned sexologist.
18. Bloomi
Sexual health and fitness may last for the long haul. Toy lubes, oils, and everything in between can be found at Bloomi, all made from plants. While the site does sell a small selection of toys (including the popular Massage Clitoral and Vibrator), the company’s lubes, oils, and washes are the real draw.
19. Zalo USA
The modern retail world is all about personalisation, encompassing adult toys. The silicone attachments with Zalo’s toys improve the feel and the fit.

Luxurious sex toys can be had for under $100 thanks to the most elaborate packaging you can ever come across for adult merchandise, and the toys themselves are rendered in rich teal, royal purple, and sweet pale pink.
20. Wild Flower
Flowers are well-liked because they offer something for everyone. The company’s founding principle was to innovate toy designs to benefit people of different gender identities, questioning societal norms related to sex and stimulation. The Enby 2 will be added to the shopping cart immediately.
21. L’Acier
Velvet Co.’s selection of sex toys also comprises the amusing novelty Voila and the Thruster manufacturer, in addition to the L’Acier stainless steel line. This set’s stainless vibrato wand and plug-in have won us with their unique designs and cutting-edge technology.

Made entirely of stainless steel, they can be warmed up quickly, cleaned easily, and used with silicon or water-based oils. Finally, I’d like to give props to L’Acier for introducing competitively priced stainless-steel goods of superior quality.
22. Urban Outfitters
No one will be the wiser when the Urban Outfitters order arrives in the mail. Wear a comfortable pair of jeans to the store while you look at high-quality vibrators such as this acclaimed Cake So-Low Stroker.

And if you want to take your relationship with your spouse to the next level, try this Magic Babe Ball. Get a steamy move for you or your companion to perform by shaking the ball.
Free Shipping With Wild Secrets!
Wild Secrets is committed to protecting your privacy and is the leading sex toy retailer in Australia and Nz. When you submit sensitive information to Wild Secrets, the information is encrypted into an electronic communication that the sender can only decipher and the intended recipient (in this case, Wild Secrets).

You can be assured that your loved ones will not be subjected to adult adverts on your shared computers because Wild Secrets never retains your payment card details or shares information with other organisations.

Furthermore, when you shop with them, you can rest assured that your purchases will arrive in unmarked packaging via Australia Post, protecting your privacy from the time of purchase until the moment you open the package.

Doing your homework before ordering adult toys in Australia ensures anonymity. Make sure the business provides anonymous shipping options. Your parcel and packages should be discreetly packaged so the recipient has no idea what’s inside.

If you are concerned about anyone finding out what you bought, you should also ensure the company provides discreet packing. Don’t buy from a store if you have any doubts about its commitment to protecting your personal information, and don’t hesitate to ask questions before purchasing if you have any.
Claim a Potential Discount!
All around Australia and New Zealand, customers may shop at Wild Secrets and take advantage of the finest deals on a wide selection of sex toys, lingerie, and sex equipment. Toys, oddities, apparel, and costumes for both sexes are just some things you may find at Wild Secrets. Toys, pillows, DVDs, oils, condoms, lubricants, and even Kama Sutra are all novelties.

Wild Secrets provides instructions for using its products on its website. If you’re seeking to make stealthy purchases for yourself, your spouse, or both, now is the time to use the current promotion, which gives customers one free present for every 100 Australian Dollars bought.

You won’t find a more thrilling household appliance than a sex toy. Demand for them spiked during the pandemic, and the next seven years will see eight percent annual growth. But why have adult toys been selling out so quickly recently?

The proliferation of e-commerce platforms is unquestionably connected to the multibillion-dollar industry’s rise, as it is much more covert to click “add to cart” than to peruse a physical store that sells erotica.

Where to buy sex toys online, such as small bullets, new vibrators, penis rings, and quiet devices that are great for travelling. (Also, if you’re in a pinch, companies like Amazon offer expedited shipping options that can get you your purchase in as little as one or two working days.)
How to Clean Sex Toys
Healthline recommends wiping down all toys after each usage. Depending on the porosity of the toy, the instructions for cleaning and storing it are different. All toys, whether porous or not, can be washed with soap, water, or a cleaner and then dried in the air.

The article says that to sterilise non-vibrating silicone toys completely, they should be boiled in water for three minutes. Leather harnesses and BDSM tools, however, require only spot cleaning.
How to Store Sex Toys to Keep Them Clean
Cleaning toys is only half the battle; keeping them clean between uses requires careful storage. A fabric pouch, case, or box is included with many sex toys, but any sealable pouch or container will do for a nonporous device when not in use. Your toy will remain clean and lint-free in this environment.

If you want to keep your silicone anal toys smelling fresh, Deysach recommends storing them in “something ventilated (not plastic). Playthings should be kept on a shelf or drawer that is cold, dark, and dry. Toys should be kept in damp places like the bathroom or the sun.

Even though nonmotorised toys are created from solid borosilicate glass, silicone, and stainless steel, they are durable. Clinical experts recommend throwing away a toy if it shows any “visible fractures in acrylic, plastic, or glass,” This defect can make the toy risky and hard to clean. The same is true for holes or tears in silicone playthings.
Benefits of sex toys
Did you realise that there are several advantages to utilising sex toys? It has additional positive effects on well-being. It can put enjoyment in safe and enjoyable sex by increasing intimacy between partners. You may use them for private performances or to amp up the passion in the bedroom.

Really, what else could one want? But if you need more convincing, here are a few reasons why you should start utilising sex toys right away:
They improve sexual fulfilment.
Scientists create sex toys specifically to enhance a person’s sexual experiences. Mental and physical stimulation is not easy to achieve simultaneously. Love toys are helpful in situations like this. All toys aimed at adults are created to alleviate stress by reducing ‘workload’ by stimulating specific pleasure centres.
They Increase Men’s Performance

Males need to remember that sex toys aren’t only for the ladies. No one should label you as “shaky” or “less of a man” because you enjoy utilising a sexual device.

You can reap many benefits from sex toys, including increased time spent in bed. Orgasms can be controlled after you learn to use love toys properly. You’ll find out how to prolong the sensation of an orgasm, maintain your erogenous zone afterwards, and have more than one.
They Manage Sexual Dysfunctions
You can learn more about what makes you feel good about yourself and your body by using sex toys. Both sexes can benefit from learning how to climax with toys when masturbating, increasing their self-assurance while trying to achieve orgasm with a partner.
They Boost Your Sex Life
There are several advantages for couples that use sex toys together. Pleasure devices allow you and your lover to have more satisfying sexual encounters. Put it to use before, during, or after the act, as the two of you see fit. If your sex life needs work, fixing it will do wonders for your relationship.
Can Alleviate Body Pain
Instead of reaching for pain medication, why not attempt an orgasm? Orgasms serve as a painkiller. The hormone that helps increase the threshold for pain is released at the climax. This results in an apparent disappearance of pain.
Can Help Men Lower Risk for Prostate Cancer
The risk of developing prostate cancer was shown to be lower among males who ejaculated 21 or more times per month, according to a study published in America. You can get this benefit more quickly and with less effort using sex toys.
Lowers Risk of Heart Attack
In addition to reviving your body’s metabolism, sexual devices also aid in maintaining a healthy ratio of estrogen to testosterone. The risk of health issues, including osteoporosis and coronary artery disease, rises when any of these is inadequate. Thus, engaging in sexual activity may be beneficial in warding off these diseases.
Good for Quality Sleep
The list of advantages of sex toys does include sleep. The fact that love toys make it easier to achieve an orgasmic state before bedtime means that we can rest easier. This practice has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety by increasing oxytocin levels in the brain. As a result, you may fall asleep much more rapidly these days.
Downsides of Sex Toys
While these devices come with tons of advantages to boost your sex life with your partner, there are a few disadvantages that it comes along with.
Can Cause Physical Damage
Sex toys, especially dildos and butt plugs, can be dangerous if poorly designed because of the risk of injury from their rough or pointed surfaces.
Risk of Infection
Toys that aren’t cleaned after each use risk reinfecting the child who had previously played with them. Sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, HIV, etc., can be spread through exchanging sexually explicit items with a partner who is infected.
It can Cause Cancer and Allergic Reactions.
Some people have severe allergic reactions to sexual toys made from materials like PVC, including skin irritation, blistering, and infection. In addition, a few studies have revealed that these artificial substances may provide a cancer risk to their users since they contain carcinogens.
Sexual pleasure can be diminished with prolonged usage of sex devices like vibrators, which can cause numbness and irreversible desensitisation of the area, especially the clitoris. You got a vibrator hoping to increase your sexual pleasure, only to have it overachieve and take it away. Life is indeed a bowl of beans.
In the past, one had to sneak into (often questionable) establishments to purchase items intended for adults without drawing unwanted attention.

Thankfully, those days are long gone. You may now purchase anonymously from the convenience of your home with the help of the online retailers listed below.

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