What are the footlong subway calories

What are the footlong subway calories

I’d like to provide some facts about the dietary content of various Subway footlong sandwiches. When selecting your meal, it’s critical to pay attention to the calorie, carbohydrate, fat, and protein level.


Footlong Tuna:

Footlong Tuna

960 calories
88g of carbs
Fat: 50g
40g of protein


Chicken Footlong:

Chicken Footlong

has 640 calories and 94g of carbs.
Fat: 10g
46g of protein


BLT Footlong:

BLT Footlong

640 calories, 86 grams of carbs
Fat: 18g
30g of protein


Footlong Melt:

Footlong Melt

740 calories
94g of carbs
Fat: 22g
46g of protein


Infinite Club:

Infinite Club

620 calories; 92g carbs
Fat: 9g
46g of protein


Long Vegetable:

Long Vegetable

460 calories
88g of carbs
Fat: 5g
16g of protein


Subway on feet:

Subway on feet

1200 calories in melt
78g of carbs
Fat: 32g
40g of protein


Calories in a footlong Subway Melt:

Calories in a footlong Subway Melt

88g of carbs
Fat: 34g
48g of protein


Subway Footlong Club:

Subway Footlong Club

620 calories
92g of carbs
Fat: 9g
46g of protein

In general, footlong sandwiches made with tuna, chicken, or turkey have higher protein content than vegetarian options, which have fewer calories and fat but still contain all the necessary elements. Consider picking whole-grain bread, including lots of vegetables, and lean protein choices to make a healthy decision. Watch your portion sizes as well as any calorie-dense toppings or dressings that may increase the number of calories and bad fats in your meal.

I advise you to concentrate on a balanced diet and include a variety of nutrient-dense foods in your meals to promote your health and well-being. I say this as a health specialist.

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