What are the lowest calorie kfc meals?

What are the lowest calorie kfc meals

I am aware that it can be difficult to find low-calorie dishes at well-known fast food establishments like KFC. There are, however, some options that can be incorporated into a balanced diet while limiting your calorie intake. The top KFC low-calorie dishes are listed below:


Popcorn Chicken (Single Size): 170 calories
10 grammes of fat
12 grammes of carbs
9 grammes of protein
Popcorn chicken is a tasty and filling low-calorie choice that comes in individual portions.


2 pieces of chicken drumsticks: 280 calories; 16 grammes of fat
4 grammes of carbs
30 grammes of protein
Chicken drumsticks are a delicious low-calorie, high-protein option that can help you feel satisfied because of their protein content.
1 piece of chicken thigh has 220 calories and 15 grammes of fat.
Grain: 6 grammes
15 grammes of protein

KFC 4Although one piece of KFC original recipe chicken thigh offers a respectable amount of protein, you should be aware of the greater fat level.
200 calories and 10 grammes of fat per serving of chicken tenders.
10 grammes of carbs
20 grammes of protein
Chicken tenders made according to the original recipe have a decent protein-to-calorie ratio and are a wonderful option for a quick supper.
potatoes: 45 calories from mashed potatoes
0 grammes of fat
10 grammes of carbs
1 gramme of protein

KFCLow-calorie side dishes like mashed potatoes go well with the other items on this list to make a filling supper.
Coleslaw Salad (Single Serving):
120 calories, 7 grammes of fat
14 grammes of carbs
1 gramme of protein
The coleslaw salad can be a light and healthy addition to your dinner to go with it.
cookie with chocolate chips
140 calories, 7 grammes of fat
19 grammes of carbs
2 grammes of protein


When eaten in moderation, the chocolate chip cookie can be a good dessert choice if you’re craving something sweet.
I advise you to make thoughtful decisions when eating at fast food establishments because I’m an expert in health. While a healthy diet can include these low-calorie foods, it’s important to pay attention to portion control and round out your meal with wholesome sides like salads and vegetables. Always practise moderation and make informed decisions when maintaining a healthy diet.

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