What are the lowest calorie snacks at Aldi Australia?

What are the lowest calorie snacks at Aldi Australia

I must stress the significance of selecting nutrient-dense snacks that help maintain a well-balanced diet. Shopping at Aldi is more fun because of its cult following and reputation for providing high-quality goods at reasonable rates. Aldi offers a number of dietitian-recommended healthy snack options for people who are concerned about their health.


Almonds, pecans, and pistachio kernels from Simply Nature:

Almonds, pecans, and pistachio kernels from Simply Nature

These nuts are a great source of fibre, protein, and heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats, making them a satisfying and heart-healthy choice. However, because nuts are high in calories, it’s important to pay attention to portion proportions.


Clancy’s Baked Potato Crisps:

Clancy’s Baked Potato Crisps

These baked crisps are a healthier alternative to typical potato chips because they don’t include trans fats or artificial flavours or colours.


Clancy’s Pretzel Slims:

Clancy’s Pretzel Slims

By combining these pretzels with hummus or guacamole, you may create a balanced snack that has both filling carbohydrates and nutritious fats.


Artisan Jerky by Simm’s:

Artisan Jerky by Simm’s

This jerky is a protein-rich snack that comes in strong flavours. For added nutrition, couple it with a fruit cup that is 100% fruit juice or water.

With these cauliflower crackers from Simply Nature, you may enjoy a cheese flavour while also including vegetables in your snack. They provide a big serving size and have little calories.


Simply Nature Organic Sea Salt Popcorn:

Simply Nature Organic Sea Salt Popcorn

Popcorn is a low-calorie snack option, and Aldi’s version has less salt added than other prepackaged popcorns, making it a better choice.


Fit & Active 100-Calorie Snack Packs:

Fit & Active 100-Calorie Snack Packs

These guilt-free, low-calorie snack packs help sate your sweet tooth. Healthy fats and protein can be added by combining them with nut butter.

White bean chips from Simply Nature include only three ingredients, are low in nett carbohydrates, and are gluten-free, making them a good option for a low-carb diet.


Active & Fit Lightly salted rice cakes:

Active & Fit Lightly salted rice cakes

By combining peanut butter and these rice cakes, you may make a balanced snack that includes carbs, protein, and good fats.

Pistachios, which offer heart-healthy fats, protein, fibre, antioxidants, and nutrients, are available in Southern Grove Roasted Pistachios.

These pre-portioned trail mix bags from Southern Grove On the Go include heart-healthy almonds and raisins for a sweet touch.

Freeze-dried apples from Simply Nature can be combined with almond butter for the ideal nutritional balance.


Apple banana fruit squeezes from Simply Nature:

Apple banana fruit squeezes from Simply Nature

These squeezable fruit pouches are a convenient and healthy alternative because they are made with real fruit and don’t contain high fructose corn syrup.


Vegetable Chips from Clancy’s:

Vegetable Chips from Clancy’s

These vegetable chips, a healthier alternative to typical chips, are made with simple ingredients and receive their colours from actual plants.


LiveGFree Multi-Seed Crackers:

LiveGFree Multi-Seed Crackers

These crackers are made with whole grains and are rich in fibre, which keeps you full and has other health advantages.

The apple and almond honey granola from Simply Nature is packed with entire grains and is a healthy snack when combined with almond butter.

The bars from Perfect Bar Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp must be refrigerated to keep them fresh and feature a variety of healthful components.

The Millville Fibre Now 90-Calorie Bars provide 20% of the daily recommended amount of fibre and are a convenient source of fibre.

Chili-lime cashews from Southern Grove:
These spicy and delicious cashews fulfil appetites without adding a lot of sugar.


Friendly Farms Greek Yoghurt:

Lifeway Lowfat Kefir

This dairy product from Aldi provides a naturally good dose of calcium and fibre.

Lifeway Lowfat Kefir: This probiotic-rich fermented drinkable yoghurt is available in a variety of flavours.

Fresh fruits and veggies, unsalted almonds, and hard-boiled eggs all make great whole-food snacks, according to Aldi’s Produce.

Happy Farms Light String Cheese: This string cheese is a convenient and calcium-rich snack with reduced fat and calories.

This assortment of nuts from Southern Grove Deluxe offers a variety of flavours and nutrients.

Simply Nature Brown Rice Crackers with Roasted Red Pepper:
These crackers are a good option for sating cravings because they contain whole grains and little sodium.

You can maintain a balanced diet while savouring a range of flavours and textures by selecting these healthy snack alternatives from Aldi. Always be aware of your portion sizes and choose intelligently when to include snacks in your regular diet.

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