Best Gyms in Australia

Best Gyms in Australia

If you’re looking for something other than the intense male-dominated atmosphere of a traditional gym, this is the place for you.

Those shoes fit all of us. You’re among the competitive male gym-goers in the weight room, as you have every right to be. Their bulk makes you feel trim and helpless compared to their 120 kg.

You may put all your fears to rest since there are fitness centres for women. Experts have done the legwork for you, compiling information on the top gyms regarding location, price, and quality. There’s no good reason to put off getting into the world in the year ahead.

Best Gyms in Australia

What you want from your gym membership — taking courses, having access to a large variety of equipment, or keeping your costs low — will determine which gym is the best fit for you.

Their comprehensive comparison of gyms is here to help you find the perfect fit, whether you’re looking for various programs or 24-hour access.

And since every gym is independently owned, fees and hours of operation will vary from one facility to another. 

Furthermore, there may be some variation in hours of operation for the time being owing to the COVID limitations. Before signing a membership contract at your favourite fitness centre, it’s wise to read the small print.

1. 98Gym – Darlinghurst

98Gym – Darlinghurst

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Your attitude toward the gym and other physical exercises may have a lasting impact on your life. They can only perform as well under stress as the training allows. 98Gym appreciates this, and as a result, they put every facility you may need in their facilities. 

Trainers on Team 98 come from many walks of life, from previous professional athletes to armed forces members.

Gym amenities consist of the following;

  • The mechanism for biometric entrance
  • Numerous state-of-the-art pieces of Aussie Strength, Power, and Conditioning gear, including:
  • Valkarie rig with five cells and four free-standing cells.  
  • The most recent selection of Assault Airbikes, Rowers, and Ski Ergs from Concept2.
  • Two spaces for group training
  • A 400 square meter open-plan gym.
  • With matching basins and facets, there are four luxury rain showers.
  • Daily Naturals is the only company that provides bathroom amenities.
  • Providing towels
  • Offering free toiletries​

2. City Gym – Darlinghurst

The facility opened the same year as the first Mardi Gras and has always been a community-oriented fitness centre serving the most diverse members of Sydney’s many neighbourhoods. 

The building initially served as a hub for the expanding fitness and bodybuilding industry. Still, it has now expanded its mission to include the princes of Kings Cross, the LGBTQI community, and those who deal with street children.

In 1978, Sydney’s City Gym first welcomed members of the city’s fitness and bodybuilding groups. In that year, the Sydney Homosexual & Lesbian Mardi Gras procession took off, making it an important moment in the history of Australia’s LGBT community. 

It was Sydney’s contribution to the international celebrations of gay solidarity that were Mardi Gras ’78, and it was a politically brave move for its time.

Despite the environment of fear and misinformation, a small group of courageous protestors gathered in Sydney to resist discriminatory legislation. For the LGBT community in Sydney and Australia’s history, this was a watershed moment.

Billy Moore, City Gym’s co-founder and an out member of the LGBTQI community, understood the struggles of his fellow members. 

He hoped to create an environment where people of all identities, orientations, and gender expressions could feel comfortable interacting with one another. 

In the ’70s and ’80s, City Gym was a central social hub in Sydney. People in Sydney often bench-pressed next to famous personal trainers or a well-known local bodybuilder who was glad to help. 

There was no sense of hierarchy or superiority among the group members.

3. Beach Fit – Bondi

Beach Fit Bondi, close to Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach, has been recognised as one of the city’s best gyms by The Urban List.

Your health and well-being are their top priorities here at Beach Fit Bondi. The atmosphere is consistent from the time you enter. 

You may watch TV or YouTube while you work out on the cardio devices, free weights, or assault cycles, and they also have brand-new TechnoGym equipment. There is fantastic music, plant installations, and a retractable canopy at Beach Fit Bondi.

The crew here sets us apart, albeit their office is nice and shiny. From the friendly faces at the front desk to the expert trainers who will tailor their sessions to your individual needs, everyone here is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. 

Anyone from novices to fitness professionals to tourists searching for a fantastic spot to work out while in Sydney will find what they’re looking for at Bondi’s top gym.  

4. Creature Fitness

Creature Fitness 1

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Over a thousand Sydney residents have been assisted since the company opened in January 2014. 

Creature Fitness has been providing excellent service for over five years, as seen by the over 160 favourable evaluations it has received on Google. They’ve included all the helpful features they’ve discovered while leaving out everything unnecessary.

Hybrid memberships are available at Creature Fitness.  This combines the benefits of both group training and individual attention.

Nutrition, stress reduction, and lifestyle counselling are all included in your subscription to help you reach your objectives more quickly.

Increased responsibility, enjoyment, and productivity.

5. World Gym

World Gym 1

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World Gym strives to provide its customers with the finest, including cutting-edge equipment, a spotless environment, and knowledgeable personnel. 

They offer everything you need to reach your fitness objectives, whether you’re a competitive bodybuilder, a weekend warrior, or a novice. Contact any of their qualified trainers for advice at the front desk if you need help determining which equipment is best for you.

They specialise in: 

Strength Training 

To assist you in becoming more robust, World Gym provides a variety of strength equipment.  Selectorised strength equipment allows you to focus on specific regions and muscle groups while attacking them from various directions.  

To provide you with the finest tools for success, they collaborate with the top manufacturers in the world.  They also offer alternatives for you whether you want to grow large, slim, or powerful.

Flexible Weights

This facility has the essential components of any effective strength training program: barbells, dumbbells, racks, and benches. You’ll discover everything you need to lift anything heavy, whether you’re an Olympic, powerlifter, recreational, or first-time lifter.


The cardio equipment at this facility is one of the most used features. They offer the equipment necessary to raise your heart rate and maintain it there, including elliptical trainers, treadmills, stationary cycles, and more.  

Some members use cardio to warm up, and others to develop endurance.  No matter your fitness objectives, they can help you improve using state-of-the-art equipment.

At World Gym, group exercise sessions and personal training are also available.

6. F45

F45 3

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Workouts in the HIIT and circuit formats are combined in the F45 program, which focuses on functional mobility.  

The entire amount of time for pleasure that will cause you to flow, sweat and get your heart rate up is 45.  Workouts at F45 Training are intended to unite the different muscle groups of the body, which will help you move more effectively and feel more powerful in all facets of your life.

When it comes to successful weight control, having a healthy diet is quite essential. F45 provides all its members free access to their individualised nutrition program, which includes daily meal planning, the ability to monitor their progress, and the support of a strong community.

7. Jetts

Jetts 2

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Take advantage of your free time by exercising when and how you like at Jetts. Those that value efficiency above time spent in the gym will appreciate this facility. There are over 250 Jetts gyms centres around the globe, making it easy and convenient to get in a workout whenever it suits you.

While most clubs would need you to sign a long-term contract, we understand that your training schedule must also be adaptable. As a member of their Freedom Direct Debit program, you are not obligated to continue your membership with us and may leave at any time.

The new 30-minute HIIT team training, J Series, is now available at certain Jetts clubs. This is intended to be both time-efficient and effective at burning fat. You’ll get a total-body workout with a fusion of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), cardio, strength training, and more.  

Jett aims to inspire you toward a more fulfilling existence where you forge your path, trust your judgment, take calculated risks, overcome obstacles, and define success by your standards.

8. Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness 2

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A gym that is open 24 hours a day and has many locations around Australia.  After you sign up, you’ll get a card that you can use to get into any Snap Fitness in Australia.  

This is a good choice if you travel a lot or if there are clubs close to both your place of work and your home.  

In addition to what you’d find at a regular gym, Snap has exercise and weight equipment.

Your attempts will be more successful if you learn on your own. We promise that you’ll have a great workout with us, that we’ll help you reach your goals, that they’ll hold you responsible, and that we’ll cheer you on along the way!

9. MYFIT 24/7 Workouts

High-intensity workouts have significant benefits and are taking over the exercise business. Workouts on MYFIT last 20 minutes and comprise 60-second bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest. 

This workout program will improve your aerobic ability, strength, movement, and agility. It’s a unique mix of 16 different routines that change every week. 

Every MYFIT workout mixes practical, cardio, and power exercises. It works in sync with watching your heart rate, so you will always know which zone you should be in. You can train whenever it works for you, day or night.

10. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness 3

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All Anytime Fitness Clubs have the most up-to-date tools for aerobics, strength, free weights, and practical training.

Your membership gives you access to a worldwide network of handy Anytime Fitness Clubs. Get in shape whenever you want, wherever you are, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your safety is the most important whether you work out at 5 pm or 3 am. All their clubs have private bathrooms, changing rooms, and protection with key entry 24 hours daily.

You get access to the Anytime Fitness app when you sign up. There are more than 1,100 different tasks to help keep you motivated, and you can keep track of your progress toward your goals.

11. Virgin Active

Virgin Active 1

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Top-tier fitness centres often have expansive floor plans and luxuries like saunas and steam rooms.

Staffs need to be more mindful about declaring that their physical activity experiences are enticing.  

They include all physical and mental health aspects in their design. You can improve your fitness and health along these four axes.

You may find them in their group workout sessions, such as Yoga, RevolutionTM cycling, Barre, or Boxing. 

Virgin Active’s comprehensive approach to health and wellness incorporates these four pillars at every turn.

You’ll run on some days and stretch on others. You may not show up on some days. Reaching far or lifting much weight is one of many fitness measures. It’s about feeling well enough to do the things you love.

They guarantee that your time spent exercising with us will feel completely personalised.

12. Facilities Fitness – Newstead

Facilities Fitness – Newstead

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This facility offers coaching, accountability, and encouragement to each small-group training client. They are highly motivated people who constantly encourage others to improve their health and performance. 

This firm’s commitment to helping others is a fundamental principle of Facilities. They have found that fostering a community with similar goals and values leads to better outcomes. 

When you join the fitness community, you become more than just a member of their database; you join the family. Get your training where it counts! In the end, inspiration might spread to others.

They have a four-lane, ten-meter-long sled track, TRX suspension training,  Again Faster squat racks, water bags, and boxing equipment in their indoor gym in Newstead. A quick shower before work, please. 

They have provided two restroom facilities for more convenient training during your lunch break.

The Facilities take a unique approach to things. They ensure you maximise your gains across functioning, fitness, strength, mobility, and performance, by conducting individualised 6-week programs. 

Over a carefully planned training week, they combine the best of the fitness world, including high-intensity interval training, metabolic conditioning, Olympic lifting, and boxing. 

Everyone in the lessons is treated as individuals while enjoying the benefits of learning in a social setting. They provide over eight classes daily, each targeting a separate muscle area to guarantee uniform development.

13. Quany’s Gym – East Brisbane

Quany’s Gym – East Brisbane

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Quany’s Gym is working to become known as Brisbane’s most supportive fitness centre. They want to provide one of the best training environments and some of the best equipment.

They have various tools, highly effective personal trainers, and stimulating and challenging group training programs, including Women’s Weights, High-Intensity Interval Training, and 8 Week Challenges.

Quany’s is a 24-hour convenience store that is easily accessible from anywhere in East Brisbane. After a workout, members may quickly and easily freshen up in the locker rooms and showers and get back on the go.

14. Club Coop – Carseldine

Envision a location where the warmth of familiarity and acceptance makes you feel right at home.  A community of people who understand your struggles and are willing to help you. 

Club Coops is dedicated to providing members with a welcoming space to work out while having a great time and making new friends. 

Among the available amenities are:

  • 24/7 Gym
  • Group Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tennis
  • Squash

15. Strength Sports Gym – Stafford

these joint welcome lifters of all experience levels, from complete novices to seasoned veterans.  Some of the most successful lifters they created came to SSG without prior strength training or powerlifting expertise. 

SSG is known for producing some of the most successful lifters in the industry.  Their accomplishment is evidenced by their hard work, the pleasant atmosphere they have created in the gym and the practical coaching and programming they use.

Nick, the proprietor of the gym and its head coach, combines his enthusiasm for assisting others with his extensive expertise as a competitive lifter and coach to guide others toward realising their full potential.  

Nick will guide you through the many stages of your training by drawing on his more than ten years of experience competing at the top levels of weightlifting.

16. Empire Fitness Centre

Empire Fitness Centre

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Located in Arundel, this fitness centre is regarded as one of the finest on the Gold Coast.  The Empire Fitness Centre is open nonstop, seven days a week, and is staffed by trained professionals around the clock.

Join Empire Fitness and enjoy your exercise every time, thanks to the welcoming staff, dedicated training rooms, and convenient child care.

The most cutting-edge cardiovascular equipment and the broadest selection of group sessions, including functional training, are all included in your membership at this expansive Gold Coast facility.

You’ll find aerobic equipment, free weights, and weight machines at Empire Fitness Centre to meet your needs, no matter how advanced or novice you are.

17. Southport Sharks Health & Fitness

Southport Sharks Health + Fitness is an excellent gym on the Gold Coast that offers over 150 cardio machines, a functional training area, 110+ group classes each week, strength equipment, a boxing area, and modern changing rooms. 

They have experienced Personal Trainers and small-group training programs.

List of all facilities and their capacities;

  • More than 110 group exercise programs are weekly, including specialised Mind and Body and Cycle Studios.
  • places for functional and boxing training
  • Ask about the S.Fit program, personal training, small-group training, and more.
  • One hundred sixty pieces of cutting-edge cardio and strength equipment are operational 24/7, allowing you to exercise whenever convenient. Bodyscan service Creche is provided for morning sessions.

18. Gold Coast PCYC – Broadbeach Waters

Opening its doors in 1976, PCYC Gold Coast was the first on the Gold Coast. The PCYC Gold Coast is dedicated to delivering a friendly, healthy community at a price everyone can afford.

The PCYC Gold Coast has a fully air-conditioned gym that is open around the clock, stocked with various strength training and cardiovascular machines, a weightlifting platform, pin-loaded devices, and a wide variety of free weights. Plus, an extensive selection of courses for larger groups.

Their Youth Leadership Team, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, the RUBY program, Champ boxing, and more are just a few youth development offerings at PCYC Gold Coast.  

Tiny tots, gymnastics, boxing, tennis, judo, wrestling, and savate are some available sports and leisure options.

19. BLK Performance Centre

You will only find another facility, like the 600-square-meter outdoor gym on the Gold Coast. The massive building is protected from the hot sun by large sails and cooled by the sea breezes from the adjacent Broadwater.

Never wait in line to work out again with the wide selection of exercise cycles, rowing machines, fixed weights, and free weights.

When compared to other fitness centres, they provide daily, individualised attention. The knowledgeable staff here will make you feel at ease, show you how to use various pieces of equipment, and help you maximise your training time.

20. World Gym Ashmore

Recognised as a top-tier Gold Coast fitness centre. World Gym Ashmore is committed to providing its members with the most excellent possible experience, from state-of-the-art facilities to friendly, knowledgeable staff. 

Everyone from seasoned pros to weekend warriors to fitness newbies will find the tools they need here. Feel free to consult with one of their experienced trainers at the front desk if you need help determining which piece of equipment will best suit your needs.


To help you bulk up, they have a wide variety of strength equipment.  Selectorised strength machines allow a multi-pronged assault on specific locations and muscle groups.  

If you want to succeed, they will ensure you have the most excellent tools available by partnering with the top manufacturers in the world.  It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to bulk up, slim down, or build muscle; they have something for you.

Free Weights

The fundamentals of every effective strength training program may be found here: barbells, dumbbells, racks, and benches.  Everything you need to lift weights, whether you’re an Olympic lifter, powerlifter, casual lifter, or a first-timer, is right here.


Want to get your heart rate up?  They have some of the latest cardio equipment.  They offer the equipment to get your heart rate up and maintain it there, including elliptical machines, treadmills, stationary cycles, and more.  

Some group members use cardio as a warmup, while others utilise it to increase their stamina.  They will assist you in reaching your fitness objectives using state-of-the-art equipment.

World Gym also provides group courses in addition to individual training.

21. Wickedbodz Fitness Centre

At Wickedbodz, they believe in EDUCATION, not just in the physical elements of healthy living but also in sharing knowledge of nutrition and assisting in developing a sustainable approach to eating well. They reject that you may achieve rapid weight reduction or increase via fad diets.

22. Coco’s Gym

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf and his wife, Arielle, are the local business owners of Coco’s Gym. The gym doors opened in May 2014, not long after Jean-Stephen had begun training for Strongman.

Coco’s Gym was founded to be Australia’s leading strength and conditioning centre. The expansion of Strongman across Australia and particularly in Queensland, was the second objective.

They are well on the way to success with the wide variety of Strongman equipment, their enthusiasm for weightlifting, and the electric vibe of the facility.

The brains behind Coco’s Gym is not just a renowned Strongman athlete but also one of Australia’s best strength trainers. Jean-Stephen, often known as Coco, attended Bond University and earned a Master of Science in High Performance and Sports Science. 

His areas of expertise include powerlifting, strongman ship, and rehabilitation. In addition to his skills and experience, he has a deep interest in reaching his physical potential.

They take a more personable approach to business due to being locally owned and managed. Coco remembers his team members’ names and accomplishments. 

This plays a significant role in creating the warm, welcoming environment they pride themselves in.

23. AMPM

It’s not easy to become a master of movement and learn to control every muscle in your body, but they strive for this mastery like warriors to test their mettle and discover just how potent their bodies and minds can be. 

AMPM – Art of Motion Pursuit of Movement is Australia’s largest callisthenics community; they are not ashamed to say it.

Workouts at AMPM are high-energy and exciting for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is a fitness centre on movement, something humans were designed to accomplish.

Their world-class trainers are the greatest in the business; you may take advantage of them.

Get your body in tip-top shape with the Cali Conditioning class. The problem is solved with Icon Core. The people can help you reach your goals.

They pride themselves on having a staff that is both personable and knowledgeable. Visit Matt in his office; he’ll give you a tour.

24. Reebok Crossfit Gold Coast

The program is intended to produce comprehensive, all-encompassing, and universal fitness.  

Many law enorcement training programs and tactical warfare teams, military special operations groups, champion fighters, and thousands of other elite and professional athletes throughout the globe use CrossFit as their primary strength and conditioning program.

This sort of fitness is rewarded in combat, survival, various sports, and life in general, whereas the specialist is often punished.

25. Crossfit Is for Everybody!

Since the CrossFit program was developed to be universally scalable, it is the ideal application for any motivated person, regardless of their level of prior expertise. 

The procedures they employ for senior patients with heart problems are also performed for cage fighters one month before their fights are shown on television. They modify the workload and intensity but do not alter the programs.

The requirements placed on Olympic athletes and those set on ancestors vary not in type but in degree. Everyone from skiers and mountain bikers to homemakers and those who hunt terrorists have discovered that the same workout routine gives them the most outstanding results.

The routines are updated regularly on this website, and thousands of athletes all over the globe have used them to improve their performance in competition, on the streets, in the ring, in stadiums, and their homes.

26. Melbourne City Baths

The oldest and biggest pool in the Central Business District dates back to 1904. The baths have a jacuzzi, sauna, squash courts, gym, and pool.

Everyone from casual swimmers to serious competitors will appreciate the 30-meter lap pool’s four separate lanes.

In contrast to the days when bathers were segregated by gender and facilities were divided into upper- and lower-class sections, modern health clubs offer various group wellness programs accessible to people of all fitness levels.

It has been serving the city’s fitness needs since it opened in 1960.  There are also day passes for casual use.

27. Equilibrium Health & Fitness

Next to Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach is Beach Fit Bondi, which The Urban List has ranked one of the city’s best gyms.

Your health and wellness are their top priorities here at Beach Fit Bondi. The atmosphere is consistent from the time you enter. Modern cardio machines, free weights, assault bikes, and an indoor sled track are just some amenities in their well-equipped fitness centre. 

The facility at Beach Fit Bondi has a retractable roof, indoor plant arrangements, and an excellent sound system.

While the space is modern and comfortable, the staff sets us apart. From the friendly faces at the front desk to the expert trainers who will tailor their sessions to your individual needs, everyone here is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals. 

Everyone here at Beach Fit Bondi is dedicated to providing you with a first-rate experience throughout your visit.

Whether you’re a first-time gym-goer, a seasoned fitness guru, or just in Sydney for the day and searching for a fantastic workout spot, Bondi’s most excellent gym offers something for you. Feel free to stop by Beach Fit Bondi and introduce yourself to the helpful team, who will gladly greet you, show you around, and discuss your fitness objectives.

F45 is located right here at Beach Fit Bondi! These team-based, high-intensity exercises will test your limits in every way, including cardio, strength, and conditioning.


The dark walls, floors, ceilings, broken brick, and over-engineered recap series tools show that the Recomphq training set is made for thorough training. 

There are more than 10,000 kilograms of free weights, up to 100 kilograms of dumbbells, more than 200 kilograms of pulley stacks, competition-grade barbells, Texas and Okie deadlift bars, and each of the four leg presses can hold more than 1,300 kilograms.

At Recomphq, you can always keep your teaching level up because they have the proper facilities.

The players with the most skill use something other than this venue.  It’s only for the most forward-thinking minds!  If you are serious about making significant changes to your body, you should contact us, no matter who you are or how much gym experience you have.

29. Surge 24-7

Members at Surge 24/7 are free to work out whenever they like, around the clock. Their touchscreen interactive cardio machines with crowd DJ music and TV/Internet access will make your workout time fly by. 

Members may work out without worry since they provide a secure facility outfitted with cutting-edge training tools. Their priority is the well-being of all members. 

Therefore they provide a thorough orientation and have personnel available throughout your workouts should you have any questions or need assistance.

Their trademark “Member Journey” starts with a bang by providing a personalised training program and three one-on-one sessions with a certified coach, all for only $210! 

The clubs offer 160 sessions each week, with options for people of all fitness levels, thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities and many training areas.  

All group exercise classes, including Les Mills, Barre, Pilates, Jungle Body, High-Intensity Interval Training, Strength Training, Hurricane, Boxing, Cycling, Meditation, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, and Kids Fitness, are available to you at no additional cost.

30. Any Time Fitness

At ANY TIME Fitness in Perth, they provide LIFE FITNESS equipment that is state of the art, as well as qualified Personal Trainers that can assist you in turning your fitness objectives into a reality. The helpful team is standing by at all times to help you. 

Stop by the club to look at their brand-new pieces of apparatus and learn about the most recent membership deals. The club will be open around the clock for its members.

You will discover excellent facilities at Anytime Workout Perth, including the finest workout equipment on the market. 

Join their always-open fitness centre. Anytime Fitness in Perth is convenient for your hectic schedule. Their fitness centre is easily accessible, reasonably priced, warm and welcoming.

31. Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre

This facility is conveniently located for anybody in the central business district of Perth.  The Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre is open nonstop, so you may come whenever you choose, day or night, year-round. 

In addition to a complete complement of cutting-edge exercise machines, top-notch personal training, and expert fitness coaching, this beautiful Perth gym also provides stunning panoramas of the Swan River and Langley Park.

The Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre is conveniently located for anybody in the Perth metropolitan area. 

They provide a state-of-the-art, luxurious, and readily accessible facility staffed by fit, encouraging, and friendly experts to Perth’s Central Business District (CBD) residents to help them reach their health and fitness goals. 

Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre is always open, so you can come and get your workout no matter what time of day it is or what day of the year it is. 

The Victoria Avenue Fitness Centre is open 24 hours a day, so whether you need to work out first thing in the morning, after work, or over your lunch break, you can always find a time that works for you!

32. 12 Round Fitness Perth CBD

Their exercises are designed to simulate the physical requirements of a twelve-round championship fight. Each round lasts three minutes, and there is a 30-second break between each round. 

Each exercise is finished in under forty-five minutes, the ideal length for high-intensity training because it strikes the perfect balance between the effort exerted and the benefits achieved.

33. F45 Traning Perth CBD East

The term “functional training” refers to an exercise that incorporates circuit and high-intensity interval training elements and is designed to improve functional mobility. Forty-five minutes is the total time for pleasure that will cause you to break a sweat and pump your heart.

At F45, the essential thing is that they care about one another. They laugh a lot, work together to find solutions, and give out a lot of high-fives.

34. Inner City Cross Fit

At Inner City CrossFit, they take great satisfaction in facilitating optimal conditions for you to achieve your objectives and test your limits. 

They have assembled a team of skilled coaches to help you develop into the finest version of yourself. Their fantastic group of like-minded people are all working for the same thing: better health and fitness. 

Why not join us and see what can be accomplished with effort, focus, and enthusiasm? You can do amazing things with the help of the people in your neighbourhood and some knowledgeable trainers.

Each coach in this facility is a credentialed expert who has made health, fitness, and the BIG life their mission. The staff is well-versed in leading teams and providing personalised service, so they can effectively guide, encourage, and inspire you to achieve your fitness goals.

35. Fuller Fitness

This is not some clever marketing scheme. For your 12-month membership, they will give you one free private training session from one of their certified PTs. This is a great way to get in shape and start feeling better about yourself. 

You can reduce the chance of injury by learning how to use the gym and exercise equipment properly, having an expert trainer set up a motivating program suited to your objectives, and developing a sustainable health and wellness routine.


Personal training at Fuller Fitness Subiaco, one-on-one or in smaller classes, has a stellar record for getting clients to their fitness objectives. 

Whether you want to improve your cardio, strength, weight reduction, core strength, sports performance, or rehabilitation, the certified and enthusiastic trainers will create a program just for you. 

When you put your training in the hands of knowledgeable personal trainers, you’re sure to see improved results.

They know that only some people are trying for the next Olympic team. The programs are tailored to your specific requirements and time constraints. 

Still, you can be confident that Fuller Fitness Subiaco is the place for personal training if you’re looking for inspiration and high-intensity exercise in a welcoming, judgment-free setting.

36. Vault Fitness

As you might be aware, the government has recently requested that all enterprises that are not important to the country’s functioning shut down, and sadly, this request includes us here at VAULT. 

Access to the VAULT gym and the accompanying group courses and activities will be discontinued at noon today, Monday, March 23.

Access to exceptional female and male changing spaces is one of the many contemporary amenities included in their expansive facilities.  At VAULT, you may choose from various group exercise courses in the fitness studio or the spin room. 

The classes will feature Mat Pilates and Yoga, as well as their “building blocks” for performance, four introductory sessions to increase your cardio, mobility, stability, and strength.

37. Stadium Fitness

Stadium Fitness has earned a reputation as Perth’s friendliest and most client-focused 24-hour gym thanks to its local West Australian ownership and management. 

Stadium Fitness is pioneering a new health and fitness business era by combining a friendly, inclusive, entertaining atmosphere with state-of-the-art facilities and the intimate feel of a community gym. 

Members may use the facility’s 247 availability, extensive training expertise, and welcoming atmosphere to further achieve their fitness and health objectives.

Stadium Fitness is Perth’s most individualised and client-focused 24-hour fitness centre, and it’s owned and run by local Aussies. Stadium Fitness is pioneering the fitness business into the modern age by providing cutting-edge equipment no company can match.


This joint appreciates that many community members are restricted from exercising outside. ‘Move it UWA’ is designed to provide resources to help you train at home, such as live exercise videos, virtual run clubs, and guidance from the top athletes and coaches.

Students highly value sports at the University of Western Australia and contribute to a positive campus environment. 

UWA Sport has a variety of programs and membership choices for anybody, from serious athletes to those just seeking a fun spin, dance, or Pilates class. 

In addition to the famous training, health, fitness, and well-being Masterclasses, Fitness Centre members have access to more than 50 group fitness sessions each week, cutting-edge equipment, different training zones, trained instructors, and free tickets.

Top Tips Before You Join A Gym

According to several studies, the importance of strength and balance training for maintaining bone density, muscular mass, and coordination increases with age. It may also be used to prevent or alleviate depression.

Even if the gym is not your preferred workout spot, you can find everything you need to start your fitness journey there.

Therefore, if you want to go to the gym confidently, follow these 12 easy steps…

1. Choose Your Gym Wisely

If there are many local gyms in your neighbourhood, it is worthwhile to visit each one before signing up for a membership.

One gym may provide amenities or programs you like, making working out much more fun. Or maybe there is a gym that is considerably more accessible and closer to your place of business or residence.

Most gyms will give you a guided tour for free if you call and arrange a scheduled time; some may even give potential members the option of a “free guest pass” so they may try out the equipment before committing. 

Whenever feasible, always give anything a trial before you purchase it. By doing this, you’ll be more comfortable committing to a subscription.

2. Book An Induction

After joining the gym, you’ll almost always be given the option of doing an intro, an opportunity to tour the facility with a trained instructor and get familiar with the equipment. 

Before you may work out alone, some gyms need an induction (for safety reasons), while others let you skip it.

Some individuals attempt to avoid going to their induction since they feel uncomfortable or believe they don’t need one, but going is always recommended if you want to get the most out of your training. 

Doing this reduces your chances of misusing equipment, avoiding it entirely, or injuring yourself and setting yourself behind.

Asking instructors for suggestions on accomplishing your objectives, such as reducing weight, building muscle, or improving a specific body part, is a fantastic idea during your introduction. Don’t let the chance pass you by!

3. Know What Your Fitness Goals Are And Arrive At A Plan

If you’re considering a gym membership, you probably have some specific goals in mind. You may, for instance, be at a healthy weight yet want to boost your energy by improving your cardiovascular fitness. 

You can enhance your equilibrium or build your upper body strength.

A strategy before hitting the gym may help you concentrate, track your progress, and avoid boredom.

The best method to develop a strategy is to investigate the problem independently. Start your search for the best workouts to meet your fitness goals on YouTube. There are many such videos available.

You may get individualised advice on nutrition and fitness at many gyms by scheduling a complimentary appointment with an instructor.

4. Remember That Nobody Cares What You Look Like

It’s normal to be apprehensive about making a fool of yourself while visiting a new area for the first time. 

But many people feel this way, even those who present an air of total self-assurance. When you’re self-conscious, it might seem like everyone is staring at you, even if that’s not true.

If you’re self-conscious about working out in public, tell yourself nobody is paying attention since they’re all too busy worrying about looking stupid.

If you waste your training time fretting about what other people think of you, you won’t gain the full benefits of your exercise. Focus on yourself and your development rather than worrying about the actions of others since theirs are of little consequence.

5. Build Your Confidence By Going To Classes

Do you need more self-assurance or drive when it comes to working out? If so, you could sign up for a few courses, which are often included in the cost of a full gym membership.

The beautiful thing about attending class is that once you get there, you won’t be able to back out of it midway, so you’ll be forced to stick around and complete what you began. 

You may learn to properly do exercises like squats, lunges, and more, which will benefit you immensely while working out at the gym.

People often look forward to classes because it allows them to interact with others who share their interests and strive to learn the same material. Even when the going gets difficult during a course, you’ll still feel part of a team. 

The support of friends is a powerful motivator. Try out a few exercise classes to find what works best for you, whether it’s yoga, circuit training, or weight lifting.

Before committing to a gym membership, you may get a taste of what taking a live class is like by trying one out online. If you’re nervous about starting a gym routine, this is an excellent method to prove to yourself that you can succeed.

6. Visit The Gym Outside Of Peak Hours

If you want to avoid jostling against other gym-goers for equipment and space while you’re still learning the ropes (and even when feeling more comfortable),.

Doing your exercise without waiting 20 minutes for a pair of dumbbells or a turn at the squat rack will allow you to concentrate better and have a more pleasant experience overall at the gym. 

This is crucial when starting and attempting to form a lasting habit of going to the gym.

The busiest times at the gym will differ and often coincide with people’s work schedules. For example, the gym will likely be more dynamic throughout the week in the mornings, around lunchtime, and evenings. Calling the gym beforehand to find out their most active times will allow you to plan your workouts around them.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Everyone needs to begin somewhere, so don’t feel bad about seeking guidance from a trainer or a more seasoned gym-goer. Be bold about asking for a quick tutorial on operating the chest press or the rowing machine.

Similarly, if you’re having trouble doing an activity because of improper form or because it hurts, take an instructor aside and ask them to help.

You’ll probably need less assistance as your fitness level rises since you’ll know how to get the most out of your exercises.

8. Track Your Progress

You should keep score if you’re serious about turning the gym into a routine. People are more likely to persevere when they can see improvement, and keeping a record is typically the most excellent method to ensure that you can detect progress.

If, for instance, you want to run a 5K in less time, you should track your progress. Alternatively, you might record your weekly weight reduction if that is your objective.

Why not reward yourself with a fitness journal* and make it a habit to record your exercise progress and results? Seeing how far you’ve gone in a few weeks or months will be well worth the effort.

9. Take A Friend Or Family Member

If the thought of hitting the gym alone is too much, consider asking a loved one if they want to come along. You may support and push one another through the ups and downs of your workout routines.

While some individuals go to the gym to unwind and recharge, others enjoy connecting with others who share their values and motivations.

Having a workout partner is helpful because you can motivate each other to keep going on days when you don’t feel like working out or feel like giving up on the gym entirely.

10. Take Music With You

Music can be a great source of inspiration, energy, and release when exercising. Putting on headphones is one way some individuals discover to tune out the world and concentrate on their thoughts. 

Some people would instead only go near a treadmill if they could listen to a playlist they made to motivate them through an arduous ascent.

It’s up to you to choose whether or not listening to music will benefit you, but it’s certainly worth a go.

11. Don’t Overdo It At The Start

Once you decide to do anything, it’s simple to put in the extra effort until you succeed. The gym should be seen as a way of life, not a sprint to the end. If you take that perspective, you’ll be better able to pace yourself and prevent exhaustion from trying to achieve too much too quickly. 

Establish manageable and long-term routines, such as working out twice a week. After giving yourself time to adjust, you can always do more.

12. Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Miss A Session

Despite your best intentions, there will always be occasions when a job, family, or a simple desire for rest prevent you from making it to the gym.

You shouldn’t be harsh on yourself about this or try to make up for it by working out more intensely the following time. It’s the same with going to the gym; even if you can only spare an hour, it’s better than nothing.

If you go in with the correct frame of mind, going to the gym will be enjoyable and something you look forward to; if not, however, it has the potential to seem more like a chore.


Australia has a wide range of gyms that cater to different fitness needs and preferences. From well-established chains like Anytime Fitness and Fitness First to boutique studios like F45 and Barry’s Bootcamp, plenty of options are available for those seeking to get fit and healthy. 

When choosing a gym, it’s essential to consider location, cost, facilities, and the type of training and equipment available. 

Ultimately, the best gym for you will depend on your personal goals and preferences, so it’s worth researching and trying out a few different options before committing to a membership.

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